Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Duur se koi aaye....


This song by Strings has always been special to me. I dont know what it is in the song, that everytime I hear it, I just sit up and listen. The hope expressed in its lyrics is somethin that an optimist like me enjoys. Or maybe the melody just catches my imagination. Today I happened to come across a recording of the artists with Hariharan in an unplugged version of the song.

Duur se koi aaye...
Kahin chupke se woh dil mein sama jayein....

Dekhen mujhe jab woh aankhen, mein kho jaaoon,
In aankhon ke raste mein uske dil mein samaoon,
kuch keh na paaoon use mein, kuch sun na paaoon,
Uske bina mera jeevan, jaise koi soona gaaon......

Suraj ki kirano se banta hai, chehra tumhara,
Ik yehi chehra, hai mera jeevan sahara,
Aankhen teri meri, nadiya palkhe kinara,
Laakhoon dukho mein akela, hai mera yeh dil bechara.

Hariharan jammin with Strings was a treat for the soul. I hope I get to see more of these songs.
Their new album, Dhaani also has some real good songs and music. Listen to it when u get the chance.


I have tonnes of that.

The worst part is I dont even know what I fear. there is an information explosion in my mind, that has got my neurons over worked, and almost reachin a state of instability which i have only seen in equations about non-linear processes. Most of us have gone thru these times, where thoughts just keep multiplyin at amazin speed and u have no control whatsoever on any of them.
This is my turn.

The problem however is, there is a fear attached to each of these thoughts. Which also makes me fear a lot of things i have no control over. Scary isnt it. Stephen King, take notice, this could be a good idea for ure next phsycological thriller.....


Watched the two best comedies ever to come out of Bollywood last nite,

Jaane bhi do yaaron & Andaaz apna apna.

Jaane bhi do yaaron is a masterpiece, noone doubts that. Read all its reviews and ull know what im talkin about. But dont know why, when i watched it last nite, it felt a little out of time, like noone in india actually relates to these stuff anymore. circa 1983 seems a long time ago and the worst part is I was alive then. eeeeks i must be gettin real old!....

But still noone can doubt the brilliance of the whole enterprise. Imagine gettin actors of unparalleled excellence in one production, Naseerudin Shah, Satish Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, Satish Kaushik, Om Puri, and the rest of the gang. The result would either be total chaos or total brilliance. We know which category this comedy belongs to.

Andaaz apna apna...thank goodness i can still relate to. circa 1996 doesnt seem that far away.
But you can see a generation gap in the thoughts of the protagonists of the two movies. AAA did have a much better screenplay than JBDY, more color, clearer dialogues, and fun without the satire JDBY implicitly carries throughout the movie.

Waitin for a third generation comedy classic which the tweens of this generation would watch and consider their comedy. Dont quite think Hera Pheri reaches that, but there rnt many to choose from, HP is a strong contender for the generation comedy classic tag. Lets wait and watch.


its thanksgivin weekend 2004. My third in this country . A long weekend it is supposed to be.
Wish everyone at a family reunion party the bestest of wishes for this weekend. Anyway, its Turkey massacre time. Welcome to the genocide.

seeya all later....


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