Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Is Desh ka kuch nahin ho sakta hai....or...Yeh jo desh hai mera??

the optimist in me ( the sizable part of me) continues a struggle to prove my loyalty to India. The system is a functionin anarchy...only reinforced by a very novel experience today....

My friend, Manish Kapoor, lost his passport a month ago ( this brilliant guy used it as his only ID, from nite clubs to the post office). Well this could be any other document only difference being it was an Indian one.....he had to be in india in jan, he was in fact gettin married!.....

I accompanied him to the consulate here at houston, feelin proud of visitin the truly indian office in the Us of A. The first time, well, we made a mistake of comin when a holiday was being celebrated in india...no prizes to guess the office here too was closed....kept that in mind....

luckily or unluckily for him, diwali and eid came at a hurried pace this yr and resulted in an extended weekend....finally did make it on tuesday and the whole episode happened in a flash....

we went in, gave the receipt for the application of a new passport. the attendent walked in, looked at a pakka babu messin in paan, asked him what happened to kapoors application...

babu in paan:"...kapoor...not here...will be here in 3 months....."

she calmly returns back

Attendent :"...ure passport will be here in 3 months...come back later...."

my friend was totally pysched out....

He says : " what do u mean 3 months, i know the file has come here from delhi, and u guys told us it would take a month max...i have to be in india in jan...."

Attendent : " why did u lose ure passport??."

He says : " Huh??...i know i made a mistake losin it, but that doesnt mean u need 3 months to make a new one...."

Attendent : " oh, come back tomorrow and call first...."

He says : " i DO call every morning but u never answer phone..."

Attendent : " oh, passport will be here in 2 months come back later..."

He says: "huh?? "

Attendent : " come back on nov 25...rules have changed...."

He says...huh??

Attendent : " come back tomorrow morning"

He says : " I have to be in India for my wedding!!...at least give me a temp passport!"

Attendent : " Ure still in skool..and ure gettin married...r u nuts??"

He says : " Huh??"

Attendent :" If it were to me, id give ure passport only after 6 months...why r u gettin married??"

by this time, i was rollin on the floor, laughin....now she's gonna tell him when to get married and when not to....

My friend kept his cool and we walked outta the place, hopin for a better tomorrow....

now u only tell me...Is Desh ka kuch nahin ho sakta hai....or...Yeh jo desh hai mera??


the Sankaracharya's case comes up for bail plea today....the way this case is being handled only shows the ineptitude that has crept its way up the ladder. it is tough to understand the happenings in the country. We sure have become the whippin boys in our country.

Orkut land is gettin hotter with discussions that I havent seen in a long while....

Virtual world has suddenly taken over my reality, and i just somehow realised how little i talk to other ppl....:)

made falafel sandwiches last nite...yummy.....

well i think will katch u tomorrow then....


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