Monday, November 22, 2004

move comes a new week...

after the happenings of last week, i was in two minds whether to welcome this one with open arms or a skeptical the end i did part of both.

i admire competitions. they say competition keeps u alive, keeps u aware of the possibilities and also keeps u in the race as long as u r willin to run. and as the sayin goes, some days ure the dog, some days ure the pole. i have also come to hate generalizations, because the rules dont apply the same way for everyone. its such a sad inference of statistics ( or the human mind) that generalizations carry such weight in todays skewed lives. I cannot possibly mention one example of a generalization where you dont cause disservice to some, but thats the whole point isnt it. To fit the universe into a telescope. But a sun, a saturn not.

In an age where legal protection is more of a symbolic significance of the weak suck ups, todays bill passing issue which seperates MS/Phd grads from US univs, from the rest of the world, can be viewed as another success in the dyin art of savin a creed. i had a discussion with a friend on the issue, where he says he doesnt need the support of any law to get a job. My stance is, its not ure choice that u need the law. The law is enforced on u as any other law, but this time its workin for u as opposed to against u. Make hay while the sun shines.

The count down begins for my graduation, 6 months. Finally I am in a position to make the move ahead, and it sure has taken me a long time. These 3 yrs have been somewhat a mixed bag, some wounds too deep to heal. But I have now found a voice which is helpin me thru these troubled waters. I hope this voice remains with me till the end of time.

The judge tryin Sankaracharya's case in the local court quashed the request of the police to keep him in jail for some more time. which does make clear sense and should have happened a long time ago. Looks like someones conscience is prickin the hell outta him.

seeya tomorrow.


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