Friday, December 03, 2004

Bombay was once a princess's dowry...the memories it leaves u with today are worth a queen's ransom....


What can I say about this city....
Ive spent only 10 yrs of my life in this city, but i feel i've spent an entire lifetime here....
Today while browsing Orkut's Bombay community, i ran into this thread which explores Bombay's association with books....

I immediately went and picked up 2 of them from the library....

The Moor's last sigh and Love and longing in Bombay

Happy reading this weekend.


Have finally moved on from where i was last week....and am gettin into this new life...the possibilities are infinite on what we can do with our lives. all we need is a little faith in our abilities.

will soon start plannin on my next step.


will meet u next week....


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