Saturday, December 11, 2004

fill up the details...

its been a time of change here at houston. Ppl graduating and life's started to look different now. Was just chatting with a friend who tells me that transformation and change are two different words. At the outset both are the same, but on closer analysis they take you to different places depending which one you choose. These times are a time of transformation I shall correct myself, where you have to move to different avenues in life and imagine all that is possible.Choices are important, the ideas are immense. Almost like trying out somethin as wild as bungee jumping or sky-diving. Only thing is there is no way back. This could be a good thing too.

Sami, Osmund and Sumit old roomies from a different era, and me met at IHOP last weekend, for a bite and coffee to take us thru the dying moments of the weekend. Sami, who is movin the next week to detroit for a transformation he chose to go thru, was mixin in his own blender of emotions. Nothin new in that, we all r goin thru our own now..
Its funny now, to look back and actually find in our arsenal, the decisions we have made in our lives and what actually has become of them. Its not like we r dyin or anythin, all of us r doin prety well at a macroscopic level, but deeper the agonies keep pilin on about the choices we didnt make. Being brave is not an option, its more like a weapon at our disposal that can be used only pre-defined number of times. Almost like the Bramhastra . At every decision point, we have the choice to use it, the risk is there for us to take. How many of us actually choose it? How many of us have used it and have faced disappointed with the way things turned out?
Stats anyone?

Watched Oceans twelve last nite, and was entertarining althought not quite as the first part. I remember watchin the first part at a multiplex in Goregaon on sunils birthday. It was a fun nite and day we had with the entire junta. Went to gorai beach where these guys who were already drunk, gave us a view of the worst and the best in them. Thoughts about times in a delhi-bound train with a surd, and times at the muslim dominated slums in bandra. It was one fun evening, rather midnite and come to think of it now, life sure was a lot simpler then.


As Good as it second movie for friday nite and everytime i watch this movie i associate myself more and more with Jack Nicholsons character. I think all of us are schizophreniacs, but at different levels of intensity. We have our quirks, most of us dont know what to say when forced into a corner. Many of us fear commitment. Its nice when u watch a movie once in a while, it gives u a picture of moderate reaility. I am like jacks character in the movie, did i mention that?..


am writing a new article on the global indian. "Are we there yet?"

anyway shall katch u all later...


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