Saturday, December 18, 2004

sometimes...all we need in life is a little direction....

last nite i watched swades.

and i was so lost in it, that i found myself again. There are so many things in the movie that we can relate to, and should save for a talk on a future date. Probably if i run into you somewhere, we can discuss that over a cup of coffee. but for now lets just say that the movie is simply inspiring. Seriously it is or else i wouldnt be up at 8 in the morning on a weekend writing this blog.

I believe more so for the ones who seemed to have lost direction on the Y in their lives. Why does anyone do anythin? Different ppl have different answers. Mine used to be to inspire. A sort of third person inspiration where I didnt know the ppl i inspired. If you havent tried this, i suggest you to do so. The fulfillment when you see someone you dont know, get happy is one that you will never be able to leave behind. But in the past few months, I succumbed to the pressures of the world. The only Y in my life remained my own personal sucesses and failures. Pretty selfish eh? But if you quite didnt figure this one yet, let me open the doors to a small secret here.There is nothing in this world that you can call a selfless act. Everythin is guided by a selfish motive, so nothin wrong in being selfish for yourself once in a while i guess. Nothing wrong till you realise, thats not what drives you.

This movie had a deep impact on my mind, which explains y i kept tossing and turning in bed all nite. My mind felt its eureka moment, and im glad that it did.

I have no sympathy for the reviewers of this movie and deplore them whole-heartedly. For them, thinking is a crime. But i guess not as big a crime as to wrap themselves in the cushion of their false propaganda. Wake up guys! The truth is bitter. Accept it and work on it. Or else Taran Adarsh, stop reviewing movies and start selling Yash Chopra movies on the pavements of flora fountain. That suits u better.

I accept the fact that Swades did carry itself into an illusion and not many ppl ( read 'realist junkies') can digest the fact of doing what the protagonist of the movie did. 'Foolishly romantic' as his friend says in the movie. But, isnt it truly possible? id reserve my right to speak now, cos although i would wanna do what SRK did in the movie, i still have some distance to travel here.And probably the movie did get some morals straight, and probably the Y in my life does start with me.

What i need to measure however is not how many personal battles i win or lose, but whether i can make a difference when my chance comes.

On a lighter note, before watching the movie, i had this feeling that swades would inspire me to go to india. As a matter of fact, it only prompted me to stay back and finish the job on hand.

Thanks SRK for being in this movie and probably ppl ( I'm one your harshest critics) wouldnt dare you to start acting. We know now. About AG, most ppl would rather rip him apart now. I though, feel nice that at least someone is following his dreams.

I was driving home from the movie when i saw an ad on a billboard on US 59 near Bissonet. This line stood out over everythin else.

"Sometimes, all we need in life is a little direction".

True, isnt it?

Katch ya all later....


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