Friday, January 14, 2005

overtaking cats, pongal and huygen on titan

do u believe in superstitions?

i prefer not to take a side on that one. there r sometimes i believe in them and sometimes i feel they are unwarranted. basically any route that offers me the harmonius co-existences of all my senses is what i choose.

cats crossing your path is a big favorite among superstition fanatics. i thought it was only black cats, but no, its any cat....they tell me. and so, the way i lived my life till a couple of months ago was not to bother a cat that was happily goin on its way, or wait for a cat to cross my path for me to sit at home. both extremes seemed ridiculous. all till life changed for me one sat evening.

was drivin my car, friends along, rushin to make it to 'Iyers' before they closed for the day, and get some DVDs....and guess what a cat crosses my path. I didnt think too much about it, my friend (one of em believers) kept ranting about it. No ears though, but here i was on the 610 at 55mph when i hear my car engine screech to a halt. The piston was in pieces and luckily the car didnt go up in flames. Nothin happened to us, and the believer started invokin the curse of the cat that crossed our path.

That cat costed me a whoppin grand..:(

anyway, ever since that day, anytime i see a cat , even two blocks down the road, i stop, wait for some other non-believer like me to get cut and then im on my way. explains the amount of waitin on houston roads. the worst is in my apartment complex, cats galore...everytime they cut my path, i just park my car there and walk to my apt. Saves on fuel, and on curses.

so, its yesterday and i'm enterin my apartment complex, when i sight this cat ( a regular path crosser...the dumpster across the street is a fave hangout spot for the cats) crossing my path. i was in the middle of nowhere and couldnt leave my car there was only one thing to do. I stepped on the gas. This was a race. Either him or me.

The cat stopped on its tracks half way and looked ( more an angry glare) at me like i was the maniac. Yah rite, i didnt wanna lose another grand over this, and more importantly i really didnt care what a cat thinks of me.

This was the day I crossed a cat's path..:)

Now who's the curse on?


Today's Pongal

The first biggie of the yr....festivities everywhere....and the really delicious, chakra pongal is as Kramer says, an orgiastic feast for the senses....:)

my mom made one of em pongals for lunch and it was amazin...!!! i remember last pongal, it was just me and manthu and we went to madras pavilion for dinner...

so for all Pongal lovers....Pongal-o-Pongal...


One really nice news for the day and in fact for weeks has been the landing of Huygen on Titan, saturns largest moon.

some facts of this awe-inspiring journey of Huygen

1. $3.3 million dollars invested
2. 7 yrs journey ( launched in 1997)
3. the ESA which has 19 countried contributing for the project
4. the Huygen is the size of the Volkswagon Beetle
5. Titan's atmosphere resembles that of earth 3.8 million yrs ago
6. lack of sunlight gets titan's temperatures to -190 degrees celsius, or -280 F
7. Saturn is one of the more perplexing planets, cos it releases more energy than it absorbs from the Sun
8. Cassini is awaitin pics and so r we.

isnt this special.


I read this somewhere,

My take on evolution is that Darwin was adopted...:)

enjoi and ill katch u later....


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