Saturday, January 29, 2005

raindrops fallin on my head....

sesame street: like central perk is that imaginary place that at least two complete generations swore by when they were kids...i remember big bird, ernie , bert, kermit and the gang entertain me and my sis when we were really small just like seinfeld, kramer , george and elaine do now. some moments of slapstick, some moments of intelligence and the imaginative creation left to ure own mind, perfect ingredients to make u think. i remember ernie run to the haunting sounds of the chariots of fire, which was the first time i heard the wonderful piece of music and it really impressed me to see ernie behave like an adult to save bert's hat. music does that to a lot of things i guess..

it has been raining here in houston for the past two days and everytime i look at the rain from my apartment window, there is a song that runs ure mind. Like u want it to be nostalgic or u want it to full of emotion. I still dont understand why watching the rain drops on my window pane can never be without an emotional feeling of happiness or pain at something that happened years ago. I remember this song especially,

Its a rainy day, its a rainy day.
Its raining outside and I cant go out to play
Why do we need the rain anyway?

from the Sesame street

The same song filled my head when we couldnt play cricket in india during the bby monsoons 10 yrs ago, the same song fills my head when i cant go for lunch now. Is it just me or is association never by choice but by chance? the one who gets there first always wins.
Palemale: A philosophers way of thinking outside the box

Philosophy students spook me, they r really so weird. My luck that this sem im taking a course with them. they black and white of being engineers and philosophers is so distinct that i dont know what im doin here in the first place.

And here comes the big one. palemale.

now i dont remember many situations where i can laugh thru my ears ( when u can see smoke comin out of ears, i can laugh this way too), but this certainly was one. my prof was explaining the way humans understand cognition and how even animals tend to have behavioral aspects that supercede any other instinct of theirs. This was anyway the usual yappin that went on in this class, and me in deep slumber.

But what she said after this made my day, rather even my week!

there is this site it seems created by philosophers from all over the US,, that studied the behaviour of two hawks on the roof of a Manhattan penthouse. The male hawk had three female partners at different times ( three-timing?) and the philosophers gathered from all parts of the country to study the mating patterns of these birds.

Now i dont want to sound rude to philosphers but either they r really so jobless, that this was such a big deal or these hawks were really at it while they were up there.

i did visit this site eventually, and was amazed at the seriousness of the issue. God save them philosophers....


anyway will meet u all soon...have some important chat activity to take care of now....



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