Thursday, February 17, 2005

back in the positive sinusoid....

hey everyone,

the events of the last week horrified me too, i have never been stuck in such pessimism for a long time, and even though many of u mite sympathize with these feelings, i dont think anyone has the rite to question life, bcos after all life is what we make of it. so ive decided to hide those insecurities with a blanket so thick that i dont see it leak out. and as i hear someone say, its always good to get ure hands dirty once in a while, its good for the soul....

This article is a wonderful read, almost stuff that dreams are made of. I bumped into this, when i was hovering around a friends blog, and he rated it so highly that i had to read it. And once i stuck my nose into it, i had a tough time taking it out. Do read it, its good for our minds to fill up with such realistic fairy tales...who knows it mite be ure story....


I immediately wrote to the author commending him on his writing and enquired on how long it took him to write this. The response is as below....

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Did it take me a while to write? Yes and no. I wrote the first five pages in one breath, and found at the end of it that I had five pages about some guy being bored out of his wits by tyhe life he was living and finding a good friend in his friend's wife. All dressed up and nowhere to go, as the saying goes. It stayed there for some months before I revisited it and finished the rest of it over one long writing session - I forget how many hours it took. It was not born out of any conscious design - I just started thinking up little episodes, and the story kinda wrote itself after a point. To be honest, I don't think I concentrated so much on where the story was going. What interested me more was the individual moments, and whether I could describe them well enough.

Regards Ramsu

we always try to look at these possible half chances in our lives and imagine what if we took a chance on the other half. What if it worked? is it so dear to u that u dont mind taking the risk?...
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'd take this story as a step in that direction. And as Ramsu says, the story wasnt born outta any conscious decision, and each individual moment was born with its own strength. Isnt that how life's supposed to be?



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can u pls give the link to the article u have mentioned ,the link opens and not the article that u r saying thigngs about

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