Sunday, March 27, 2005

Friday nite lites...

Friday evening was spent at Sandhya's and Preeta's Bday Party at their house, and it was probably one of the better evenings spent doing stuff pretty out of the ordinary.....a few highlights....

1. the balloons....just made me long it has been since i saw balloons...and that too helium sort of remember the holi balloons...or phuggas...color water filled missiles)

2. the game of taboo.....god knows how many times we play the same game...the same words....and still everytime there creeps up a war of words between the teams....somethings dont change..:) Ram the guy just loves taboo to light the fire within any case my team won..:)

3. bloopers galore....from bharath's dismissive performance to bhogu's scotch and switzerland, twas twisted words all thru.....

4. SRT / RD talk....just doesnt get better when u see ppl at two ends of the spectrum get goin....though SRT just rooles....

5. da other games? many times do u get 24 yr olds playin winkin and gettin murdered, three pigs card games, and the best of them money? sure was a laugh riot out there...

anyone for some friday nite lites?

oh ya...the best part....THE FOOD!!


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