Saturday, April 09, 2005

Only the brave deserve the fair...

I happened to meet a friend online today and this meeting came after a really long time, say two years. The words came easy, though most of it must have found its way to oblivion by now and both of us moving on after that. Now usually this is where i dig into nostalgia and take a page out of my past. Not this time.

I somehow know i dont have the answers to any of the questions pertaining to the matters of the time-relation-schema and instead of wasting print ( or bytes) on the irrelevance posed by these issues, im better off staying away from the zone. Its painful, believe me.

There was something however in that conversation that kept ringing in my head for quite some time. I had to get it to notepad before it stopped ringing. and here i am.

Only the brave deserve the fair.

She told me this. It looked like a novel idea at the outset. Upon googling out a few more details on this phrase which I knew would be a famous quote from somewhere, given that it came from Ms. Dipti 'shakespeare' Sangolli who in our times in engineering was the dicyclopedia of literature and everything around it ( Yes i had to, i dont remember good lines, my long term memory sucks, hota hai) i happened to get the trail of who wrote or said this. It was Wordsworth, one of 'em lake poets, happily enjoying every moment with a touch of romanticism too sugary to savour for real life. Probably was the Angrez version of Yash Chopra, who keeps delivering the too-sweet-to-taste-shit flicks one after the other.

In any case, got me wondering, how the hell did he even say something like that? What does he mean by brave, since being brave is always relative. Deserve??....does anyone deserve anything in this world or do u stake claim when u want somethin? Fair is something I dont even wanna go near. So the entire context of this phrase is built upon something that usually doesnt happen, and when it does, happens by chance. It all boils down to probability. Yes the same, apriori, posteriori, distribution, hit, miss, false alarm junta. Traitors with so many aliases it becomes impossible to track them down.

Now why did something as futile as this phrase bother me so much. I dont know, perhaps because i wasnt brave enuf at places where i should have been, or i didnt get what i deserved and when i deserved it, or just because life isnt fair ( i know this isnt the fair mentioned above). So the basis of this cribbing on my part is just to screw the saying because it didnt work for me. Better luck next time.


I watched Closer last nite.

Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts who were both stunning pulled off their parts with amazing ease. Jude law was a cry baby, and Clive Owen was a doc who got fooled online. I though apart from these details didnt quite understand, what the director had in mind. You so want to believe in one of these four, and in the end do get quite disappointed because all of them have been lying at one point or the other. Its tough when you have nothing to believe in. Is the truth out there?


Saturday, I was content with my performance. Did everything as per plan, and everything happened per se. TCP packets went well, SDT hits and misses were on target. Its nice when things work out the way u want them to.



Blogger dumbs said...

"SDT hits and misses were on target"

does it mean that u have done everything and i can wait till Wednesday? Tell me yes!

9:09 AM  

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