Sunday, May 22, 2005

a week passes....funny but its been 7 days....

u can fool everyone in the world except ureself...try preachin that to someone in the mirror....

it sure has been a week since i graduated with my masters, but still dont understand whether this was the means to the end, or the end itself...

i smile to the world but am just content inside. see, gettin depressed is a habbit worse than nicotine smelling fingers, and its real easy a trap to fall prey to. surround ureself with ure buddies, a few buds, and an evening. doesnt get more authentic than that.

but since i dont have a nicotine habbit, no buds, very few buddies who would be game for this , i just dont wanna be depressed. and like i said earlier i dont wanna fool myself with this drama.

OK, so what happened...

Friday as a low rejected at a job bcos i didnt have enuf experience...ya rite...given 9/10 times i would do much better than anyone with a so called experience on their so called resume...

the worlds a sham, a place where the norm is to lie.
every new born is suddenly an experienced manager, thats where the recruitment scam is goin.

i couldnt care less when the world lies, but unfortunately im at the receiving end now.

two ways to go about this. Beat them or Join them.

Ill rephrase this to Try Beating them or Shut it and join them. Ive given myself 2 months to see whether i have it in me to fight this.

So, bring it on. Im ready for the fight of my life.


I liked Sunday because I just left everythin around me to take care of itself. No more attempts on my part to try makin things fall in place. I was at the temple today, a reflex action for a sunday morning. Needless to say there was nothing to eat at my house, so had to seek refuge.

and my lucky day there was free food...:)

the twist of this whole tale is i usually dont go for the free food bcos i think its not for me ( a very unsual concept but ill explain that some other time ) today however this guy asks me to eat this food..i stare at him for a sec...and i go and eat....and i got a flashback situation in my mind.

a time when i made a fuss about not wantin to eat....
amma used to gimme that stern look and i shut up and ate.
a metaphor for " You dont always know whats best for u, so dont try acting smart"

I sometimes feel sad that I dont have anyone tellin me anythin nowadays...( ya i know that this is a moment we were waitin for all our lives) y am i making a big deal of this?

if anyone knows...pls tell me...

seeya later...


Blogger Ramesh said...

u dont like free food? u better have a good explanation buddy (-:
the concept of free food was created for the survival of grad students (-:

btw..i agree, we keep running from control till we are free and then we start missing it. i think it is a variant of stockholm syndrome!

12:19 PM  
Blogger Nachiketas said...

From time to time we feel bad, depressed etc etc. The body craves the chemical that get released when we feel all those things. And there are very few people who do not feel down. Just make sure to get up after some time.

And get married, then you will wish the time when noone said anything to u will perhaps come back.

4:11 AM  

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