Tuesday, June 28, 2005

we made it....!

wow...what a day..!

a totally unexpected piece of news hit me today it just blew me off....

and guess what had happened...

My engineering college in India, which barely passed the credentials needed to be called one, somehow magically made it to list of the best engineering colleges in India.

The Dataquest survey, claims...

' The survey, done for technical schools only, was conducted for the first time this year in India by this magazine. It was done in collaboration with International Data Corporation and the National Association of Software and Service Companies.

IDC is a world leader in the market research for information technology and software industries. Nasscom is India's most powerful IT industry association -- which even the country's Planning Commission consults for IT and software-related forecast and planning.

The survey has a no-nonsense approach, as the study claims: "The Dataquest-IDC-Nasscom survey findings are most likely to send some of the Tier-I schools into a tizzy. However, instead of breathing fire down our necks, these institutes would do well to ponder a little on where exactly they have erred."

The survey takes into account the infrastructure of the college, placement scenario, intellectual capital (faculty quality and strength, research, et cetera), interface with industries and perception of recruiters. '

ref: http://us.rediff.com/money/2005/jun/28spec.htm

The news made its way into our college yahoogroups thanks to moody, and the responses starting coming in which was a welcome respite to the usual "What is love?" fwds.....A few of 'em

Rahul writes,

no way dude it is BVCOE.
With profs like ukrande and bhule to guide us we have to be at the top.

i feel so proud!

Ankur Chowdary writes,

someone pls forward it to the HOD .. i dont think anyone in college knows this .. its like WE WON .. but we didnt even know we were even qualified to compete :D ..

Kartik Ramachandran writes,

dude u forgot it is the SAVANT and the pawar (who helped us get there)


A l'ill later I chatted with Sansi who seemed to be on the top of the world with this news. He tells me he forwarded an email to everyone he knows about this news and started analyzing it.

" Abe, I know why our college made it to the rankings."

" It seems IIT Delhi didnt participate in the survey" ( To me that seemed funnier than the fact that my college had made it)

Then he added the punch line,

" Now I know what must have happened, our college must have been one of the colleges who participated in the survey and must have come 42 out of 42 surveys..."

" I have sent a mail to HOD, lets see what his reply would be"



I have a few snapshots of the article and will be posting it here....

Such occurences dont come often....

BTW as a reminder to ppl that these surveys are usually hogwash, I remember in 1999 or 2000, India Today had published its list and behold St. Xaviers was rated second amongst commerce colleges in Bombay. Not that I hated the Zhaverians....

but St. Xaviers doesnt have a commerce college.

Catch ya....and ya...We Made It!!!


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