Sunday, August 14, 2005

the bucks stops with whats happenin with the world??

Thanks everyone for putting up with personal stories all these weeks....I really dont like writing about personal experiences, but its gud to mention something once in a while. Makes you feel u have something good goin on with u....

So what is happening around in the world....
Gaza gaya....

Weird that Israel of all countries is wearing its peace hat and pulling outta Gaza. So someone pls tell me one thing. If eventually they did wanna move out, what the hell were they fighting for all these years??...and its not like a weak liberal government made the decision, Its Ariel Sharon..yup the guy who fought the Palestinians for all these yrs, suddenly makes a volte-face and says..." Uh...ya i guess we dont need the land anymore..."

It really goes unnoticed how much power politics and politicians really do have in their hands....they probably must be thinkin..." You can laugh all you want, you can make us look like complete morons and shout out all the slogans in the world against us...but well...we can make ure lives harsher than hell....haahaa... "
The battle of the mother.....

Cindy Sheehan's silent vigil might have been a blip on the radar for Prez. Bush, but here we go that we have the whole country talking about her, she's more like a blip of an incoming MIG. Conservatives gunning for her and her anti-war groups, Liberals gunning for Prez. Bush and his 'I-dont-care-a-damn' attitude. Well considering the fact Bush is on a 5 week vacation ( working vacation is the correct term..whoever thought about that idea...) , you wont really see any action from the White House.

My take is, the whole issue is blown outta proportion. Thats easy for me to say considering im just a Desi here. The truth is noone can actually do anything at this stage. When you are in the middle of a process, you wait till you get some tangible numbers on ure side. Since Bush doesnt have them yet, he's still attending fund-raisers at Crawford on his pick-up truck and Cindy Sheehan's on TV, crying that bush doesnt wanna meet her. The battle-lines have been drawn.

Bush says he wont meet her.

Cindy says she wants to.

thats the tip of the iceberg. and any issue having Bush is now a perfect stage for anti-war groups. I've learnt that there are very few things that captures the american imagination, namely, Anti Abortion, Anti-War and Anti Gay rights. These really are the most important issues these guys ever talk about.

But for the moment Crawford, Texas is the place to be.

Ashes and the rise of the English phoenix....

Come on, now dont tell me you havent been following the series. These matches have been so brilliant that England really seem to have found their perfect combination. Somebody better call Greg and tell him, in case he is still looking for some solutions after India's really despicable performance in the tri-series. Shane and rain are probably what could stop England from racing to a 2-1 lead in the series, and the australians seem to be falling apart. I read somewhere, that Shane Warne is probably the best captain that Australia never had, pretty deep stuff eh...

Warne and Ponting reportedly had a verbal duel in the dressing room it seems, with Warne venting out his frustrations at Ricky instead of just getting to the nearest phone and having some fun...;)

Meanwhile, Vaughan seems to be a fine captain, Flintoff is Botham, Jones, Harmison are bowling their lives out and Giles is turning the ball. Everything is rosy in the English camp.

Australia need 300 odd to win on the final day, England need 10 wickets.

My guess is noone is gonna win, and if anyone could win, it has to be England. C'mon Poms you can do it....


Plane crashes, one in Sicily and one in Cyprus now...are we having a Mediterranean Triangle now?

Tomorrow is Independence day in India, hmm...seems light years away from here. Happy freedom ppl....or was it called....freedom 2 be...azaadi dil ki....remember that?...Gen-X and probably Y would...those were the wonder years in India, an age of we have Negar Khan and Mallika Sherawat.

Will write a blog exclusively for Inde-India tomorrow....

The Mumbai disaster...

These things dont happen to Bombay...they usually happen to Sudan or Zaire...what have we come to...a reality check?...a shock and awe technique?....what good can possibly come out of so much bad....

Come to think of it, Yes, there can be plenty good that can come out of this....Bombay needed this disaster, cos it was just waiting to happen. I hope someone in their right senses can make at least 10 good decisions for the city. I'll list my 10 tomorrow.

I dont think Iran, North Korea, iraq and China need any more print space than already accorded, so will refrain from mentioning them.


Hmm...I dont understand this.

The headlines screams, PM Manmohan Singh bows his head in shame for the 1984 Sikh riots.

uh....why is he bowing his head??...I mean I dont think he had anything to do with them ( he being a sikh after all)....Where is Sonia Gandhi ( I know even she had nothing to do with the riots, but i like to see her head bowed in shame, after all carrying the name has its cons too u know)

I dont think anyone feels any why bow ure head and all that. Just pass a comment, the Congress is very sorry for the riots. That these guys wont do. Bcos the Congress cannot be held liable for anything in the country. Its just a large leech stuck to the country for more than half a century and now is too fat to move on its own. Parasites of the highest order. Can a leech feel any shame??


Just a normal weekend for me here at Denver, feel like im whiling my time away. Anyone have any good suggestions for any productive work, just pass a comment. Anything thats goin on there in the world.

I'm Game....

Chalo then seeya



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well dude,
IMHO you are missing a part of the picture...Gaza is a desert..The real part Israel is interested in is the West Bank...
Sharon's already saying that Gaza is the end not the beginning...
Compromise...tats what it is..
My moneys on Israel NOT withdrawing from West Bank (If I were Israeli I wouldn't have)

10:13 AM  
Blogger Pal said...

I am an Aussie Fan, (Of course, if India is playing against the Aussies, I want India to win). The third test ended in a draw. Even during the second test, the Aussies almost won the match. I do agree the Aussies are not playing as they used to do in the past. Hope it is just a passing phase.

3:20 AM  
Blogger MomentsOfTruth said...

The second test match was a live wire,nothing less ! I was glued to the TV set the whole time and it was anyone's guess till the last wicket..
Ditto with the 3rd test, and but for a couple of close calls by umpire Billy, Poms might have been 2-1 up..:(
Heroic stuff really from Ponting though.. The Ashes has revitalized the flagging interest of crik in England and if the last 2 tests are anything to go by, gee, we might in for a humdinger in the last 2 !!
Ya, shame to India for capitulating ever so familiarly in the Isles.. yet again Deja Vu..
What can Greg do frm here on will be interesting.. Costliest coach ever for Team India !

4:34 AM  

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