Wednesday, August 10, 2005

dizzy in denver....

its been a stormy week so far...have been moving from place to place like a refugee from beyond the mountains...the rains have hit the city and i can no longer see whats ahead of me. i keep moving through the maze only to be sent back to square one everytime i reach finish, almost like a board game or snakes and ladders....

what am i crying about?

Haahaa...i just dont know.

Well you dont need to pay me to listen to my constant grumbling about life, and no matter how good it is you will always hear a whimper.

Things have been dizzy here in denver ever since i got here. Have moved from hotel to hotel in search of that ultimate TV channel that will emancipate me of all my troubles in life. So after spending three days at Marriot's Residence Inn, one at Big 8 Motel, two at the Comfort Suites and three more at the Best Western, I have reached the golden truth that shall guide me in my life.

There is no such thing as the ultimate TV channel. All of them suck.


Two indexes that have shot through the roof in the last one week....

Miles on my car

Moolah balances on my credit cards.


My company is nice, the ppl are friendly, the coffee tastes better with just a spoon of sugar. Work that takes 8-5 outta ure life is slow, but interesting. I never knew email would be my life or else would have sent out some more before it became a crucial part.

I eat, drink, sleep, talk, walk and think SPAM.

CAN-SPAM be it?

Dunno....some jerks wanna mess with email, some jerks wanna beat those jerks with email.

Im the second jerk.

This morning was the perfect specimen on how things could go so horribly wrong, but it was also the perfect specimen on how to handle these minor panic moments.

Stage 1 : 6: 45 am :

Its a bright and beautiful day. I wake up and remember that i have to call front desk and ask for an extension for me to stay there. I am a l'ill dizzy in the head from all the cola i had the previous nite, so doze off for some more time.

Stage 2: 7:15 am:

I rush things up, get through the morning rituals and call front desk. "No, we dont have any rooms", they say. "Uh....but i already have a room", say I. " Well then get ure crap outta there before 12 cos u dont have one nomore...", they say ( the gist of the conversation) Im like huh?? what do i do now??....all my stuff was all over the room, have 30 minutes to leave for work, and i dont even have a place to stay.

Stage 3: 7:30 am: :

" Im sorry sir, we dont have any rooms available" she says.

" Dont panic dude...cmon...."

I call 4 hotels....none of em have any rooms...God what do they do with rooms...are ppl so pathetic that they cant stay at their own homes??...

" Sir, there is a golf tournament going on in town, so all rooms have been booked"

A Golf tournament ?? here?? Dont tell me the entire PGA is sittin in denver??

" Sir, it is a Little girls tournament...."

Huh??...girls play golf...and that too little girls...?? stupid r ppl...

Stage 4: 7:40 am:

" We have a smoking room if thats ok with you sir"

Ya give me even the lobby, i can stay there too....

So i feel happy that i have one thing off my mind....

Stage 5: 7:50 am:

I pack all my stuff...just dump it into my suitcases....and get them to the lobby....

I walk to my car....and watasurprise.....

The rear tire has a isnt this exactly what i wanted now....

Now this a picture perfect moment...more a Kodak moment.

Im standing there with my suitcases, all formally dressed staring at the rear flat...and its starts to think of it, its really a picture perfect moment.

Stage 6 : 7:59 am:

I call my pals...AAA. For once someone seemed to say yes since the morning began...which did seem nice for all the no's ive heard since i woke up.

By this time i realise there is no point fighting it , when it flows against u...change direction. So I go inside the hotel and treat myself to some french toasts and orange juice.

Waise bhi I was late for work, waise bhi I had to wait for AAA, waise bhi I had nothing else to do.

Stage 7: 8:37 am:

Gerome bhai arrives, nice man...Niranjan told me ppl in Denver are very friendly, i didnt expect ppl to be this friendly, even the tow-truck guy is nice! He starts asking me questions about India while we tow my car to the nearest Discount tire store. And god forbid he asks me the one single question that Americans just cant digest

(Hey even Indians cant, but I somehow take pride of the fact that ppl so intelligent as us ( ya im including all the doctors and engineers) can do somethin so stupid and stick to it.)...yes the Arranged Marriage talk.

" So you guys still have that arranged marriage going on in india" ( as if it were a TV series, in one way it is...someone can make a reality TV show of one guys arranged marriage ....Who will this handsome (??) young guy marry....who has the answer to the questions that torment these 10 young (??) women...the trump card lies with the Mummy who will give her decision next out for 'The Marriage'...only on star plus)

I was really bugged at this point.( I was getting car's dead, i was late for work, i actually had all my luggage in a tow truck...what else could i have done...)

So i just started blabbering whatever came into my mind.

" Its a great system you know....I mean isnt it wonderful that you will never meet your wife till you r married....and obv parents can make the best decisions in ure life...they r the fact you all should try it, ull love the suspence till the end....( i think i shocked him, he jumped two lanes on i-25)

Stage 8: 9:20 am:

I say byebye to Gerome dear ( who by that time must be thanking his stars that he wasnt Indian) and walk into the store.

The Discount tire salesman tells me " We will try fixing the tire first and then replace it."

Ya rite...i knew he was gonna charge me 50 bucks either why all this BS?

" Sure go ahead, do ure best....but pls do it quick, Im already late for work"

" Yes, Sir, We will take care of everything"

If only you could.

Stage 9: 9:30 am:

" Hey Sam, its Shiva here...yes..Shiva!...No i cant make it to the 10:00 not yet at work ( they didnt even realise!) I had a flat tire , so am taking care of it...will be there by 1030....Hey thanks a lot man! Will seeya later"

My poor bags were all aligned on the pavement like I had just come out of an India flight.

Two suitcases, three bags and my laptop.

It had stopped drizzling , thank gudness....and a ray of light hit the lexus in front of me.

" Make all the fun u want...Im not even bothered!" I just looked towards the heavens and smiled.

Stage 10: 10:15 am:

I load all my bags and leave the store...but i think...i must have fogotten somethin....and then i laptop...

Not funny ok....happens to the best of us

Luckily was in denver where less than 2% of the apartments are gated colonies...if it were Houston....byebye laptop...after all I had enuf experience to say this.

Stage 11: 10:30 am :

I run to my desk....and see that nothing has changed at work...

Sam's still confused, Dan's still squealing at a bug he found, and Annette is still on the phone.

That was the morning.

and Im stil dizzy now...

dizzy in denver...


Blogger Kartik said...

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9:25 PM  
Blogger dumbs said...

Shiva looks like u r havin an adventure there.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Ramesh said...

ya...there are those days. since i still am a grad student, i absolutely avoid working on such days. lesser the contact with work, lower the chances of any damage. wake up the next morning and things are back to normal (-:

8:29 PM  
Blogger Sujata said...

Whoa...happening day..

7:49 PM  
Blogger Santosh said...


Grear to know the happenings on your side.. things really started movin for ya!!

Btw.. Santosh here.. hope u rem.. I think u do.. Mumbai Univ connection after all ;)

8:16 AM  

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