Monday, August 01, 2005

my corolla diaries....Part I

sorry, i couldnt post anything before i left houston, been a l'ill crazy as far as time goes, but managed to leave as per scheduled.

It rained a lot while i loaded my car with everythin i ever accumulated in this country, surprised that i could fit everythin. With the joint efforts of roshan, murali and cc it got a little easier. In anycase, did i mention it raining?

The first leg of the trip, HOUSTON-AUSTIN was more a trial run to run a diagnosis of whether the weight proportions were ok, reached a decent speed of 75mph, and had Amit in his car follow me to see whether this trip would work. Imagine a safety car and an F-1 trial run for schumy...:) ...more like schumy on a horse...

Reached Austin at 10, and crashed at Ani's place. Partied on 6th street that nite, Splits and Exodus, before singing chorus to Kajra re in Ani's car. Amit was his usual drunk self, the quick gun murugan style of givin back to society in style.

Left for Dallas the next evening, the AUSTIN-DALLAS leg was quieter, just me, my car,
my music, and my coffee. Sometimes i think, i dont even need anything more in life, i could keep drivin for an eternity, in fact could even become a trucker and earn a livelihood. but such dreams only remain dreams...

Met up with Ballal, Akshay for dinner at the Macaroni Grill, pasta unlimited. Come to think of it, Ive known ballal for 9 yrs now, thru SIES, BVCOE and MS. Doesnt feel like 9 man...but there is also a small fact that once u get to know someone ull know them for a lifetime, so who's keeping tabs? The same thing happened when I met up with Bali in June, though we hadnt met up in 3 yrs, felt like we knew whats happenin in our lives all this while. I know technology plays its HUGE role in this, what would we ever do without the MSNs and the Yahoos? Probably sticking Gandhi on an envelope....

Decided to meet up with Shrishti and Rochelle for coffee at Shrishti's place. The Nokia Engineer that she has become, Shrishti still is pretty disoriented about most things normal. She starts talkin about something that has nothing ever to do with any of us. And i hate listening to stories that arent goin to give me any information or at least some comic relief. Im sitting there at 1 in the nite who cares?

Left the next morning for the final leg of the first part of the road trip, to Tulsa. Now tulsa would usually not figure in most peeps itinerary, but my sis lives there...part of the now mid-size desi community. I had to make it here before 4 in the evening, cos my sis had a bharatnatyam dance program at the Tulsa Center for Performing Arts, something akin to Broadway here in least i think. Well the build up to this event had been big, my sis was interviewed by Tulsa World ( the biggest newspaper this part of town), by NBC ( Channel 2 news had a special program) and there was a buzz....Anyway managed to get there in time, and watched my sis perform for probably the hundredth time, but realised that its been like 10 yrs since ive seen her dance on stage. Ek zamaana tha when i hated to go and watch her performances cos i didnt see a point in anyone dancing. All u did was repeat some steps and add some music in the background. But there is something more to it, and this time i enjoyed it, though ure actions still lie between the yawn and the applause . I think its about being shown a part of ure culture in a land so far away. ( By far away i meant 5 hrs from dallas, the truly indian city)

So am getting ready for the second part of my road trip thru the vast expanse of the great american mid west. Am excited, scared and thoroughly weight conscious ( not mine u idiots, my car's!)

Keeping my fingers crossed.

So till next stop...tata....


Blogger UK said...

Hmm.. I know that feeling of having a career as a trucker. My trip from Houston to Minneapolis was just like that. Don't forget to take breaks from time to time and enjoy the surroundings.. Good luck with the weight.. ;) I meant urs.. JK.. njoi.

6:18 PM  
Blogger dumbs said...

"Imagine a safety car and an F-1 trial run for schumy"


9:18 AM  
Blogger Ansh said... stole my words;)

but that was funny...hope your car gets you to denver!

12:07 PM  
Blogger Sujata said...

Waiting for Part II.

Hope ur journey to Denver is full of fun. :)

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weight conscious .... that too for the car!!!U thought the car would care for u??
Newayz have a great road trip.
Have fun and keep guessing.......

10:15 AM  

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