Monday, September 19, 2005

the Gods of small talk....

....cost me 10 bucks today.

Yup, God alone knows what makes Americans so fond of small talk. You HAVE to talk about the weather, you HAVE to talk about the leak in ure sprinkler, you HAVE to talk about the swimming pool u built in ure house. I know that makes the world a much happier place to live in, when really, its burning away to pieces.

Im a guy of few words and even fewer words for small talk. To me it just gets in the way of the important things in life. I couldnt care less about Paul's swimming pool when I have to perform the work I actually get paid for.

So coming back to today's rip off...the keyword is Haircuts.

I have never paid 15 bucks for a haircut in my life. I dont intend to in the future.

As I see it, it was 5 bucks for the haircut, 10 bucks for the small talk I had to engage in to keep the lady cutting my hair in good humour. I learnt more about the history of the store, her hometown, her husbands work, her family and her troubles in those 30 minutes while my hair was being styled.

The answers as follows:

1. The store sees more ppl before events like proms, school reopening, Christmas, Thanksgiving
2. She lived in Raleigh, North Carolina before she came to Denver
3. Her husbands an accountant.
4. Her family lives in Raleigh but his parents live in Denver.
5. Gas prices and airline tickets are driving her nuts.

For three years while I was at Houston, I visited a Chinese salon which was almost the best place to get ure haircut. For $3.99, I would get a haircut in 5 minutes, no chatter apart from the odd chinese vodoo they cracked among themselves.

I went in, I had my haircut, I came out.

There, as easy as it can get.

I have bought a month's time to find them in Denver. God please help me find the no-chatter hair salon by the next time i need to get a haircut.

Spare me the Gods of small talk.


Speaking about Gods...I had some thoughts that i wanted to put on paper for a long time.

If we did not come from evolution, and if Adam and Eve were the first two ppl on the planet, and imagine the scenario where they had 3 kids, one gal and two did we all get here unless.....?

Which is where Hinduism gives an escape route. You get boons from Gods to give birth to kids, we can ask Kunti, after all she did do it 6 times...

Well Hinduism has its own unique problems, how the hell did Dashratha from Ramayan fame ( Ram's dad) have 4 wives?? And this was in the age of virtue not the kaliyug we all live in now. So if polygamy was the in-thing in that age, why does the religion preach otherwise now?

God...some answers pls....


Blogger Nachiketas said...

Dude, you will not find fiesta like saloon in Denver. For that to happen we need more desi junta.

And I guess without incest Homo Sapiens would be extinct. You should probably read Life of Pi and you will perhaps get a different understanding of what a "story" or myth or anything that people talk about(it is a story at it's crux isn't it?) is. Amazing book.

10:25 PM  
Blogger dumbs said...

Shiva so now u frequent a stylist...dei over da!

10:45 AM  

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