Friday, September 16, 2005

wake me up when september ends....

its been a slow september, mixed emotions and a feeling of disbelief as we see things go wrong. Yes its also been a month of celebration for many, a jump start to journeys , a surge at the finish line.

The triumph of achievement as we all know it. Come what may, steady hands, an iron like discipline to get something at all costs. There was a lot of discipline in the relief efforts, but somehow was lost in the shadow of negativity.

When i look at the hundreds of policemen and relief workers on TV, I know for sure that their effort is beyond compensation, beyond the timesheets, almost at a surreal floating measure. I look at the efforts, and wonder what I would be doing if I were stuck at that place. Would I rise upto the challenge, would I hear the voices of dissent, the voices of blame. Would I feel anything against anyone, gratitude, pain, hate? Would I enter a bubble untouched by the outer world, that everything else except the goal of salvaging whats in front of me seems irrelevant? And is there peace in the destruction that surrounds me and do I even belong out there?

Its surprising how so much energy ends up going nowhere ( which also explains why we still have a long way to evolve into really intelligent beings) and nothing at all seems to be a coherent effort. I think any destruction is only as bad as the people who actually live there believe it to be, and any construction is also only as big as the people there want it to be. Which is where the human spirit comes into play. Instead of using momentous words, in a last ditch effort to get any sort of self-gratification or mileage as we all talk about, or even instead of choosing to believe in the failure of a well oiled machinery, why dont we just let people be, and let them rise as they need to, as they choose to.

That alone will explain the strength of the people, and the strength of a nation.



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