Saturday, October 29, 2005

the delhi blasts....

A mail and my reply...

It is really shocking and sad to hear about the blasts in Delhi.

Whatever the motive its a shame that these people target innocent persons to make a statement.

Probably the greatness of Gandhi's non-violence can be seen in light of dastardly acts of terrorism.

- RB


ya the blasts a day just before diwali on innocent shoppers....well its a cowardly act. Even more cowardly is the fact that whoever did it didnt have the balls to accept responsibility.

i have my reservations against bringing up Gandhi now bcos either i dont understand in what context you say his philosophy's greatness can be seen ( when innocent ppl are gettin butchered and the ones propagating such acts just seem to get away) or when it can be seen that Gandhi's views only encourage everyone to take advantage of us when we, as confused as we have always been, are unable to grasp the meaning of the fight and who exactly it is against.

What is even worse in this case is that you cannot point fingers at anyone bcos u dont know who did it.

Though if we were to know at some point that a muslim terrorist org did do it, what action do u think we should take? Just sit down and sing Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram?? Or force the larger muslim community in the country to take the issue of handling these terrorists who murder in the name of THEIR religion and come to terms that it IS one of them who is doing such shit.

Tell me one thing, why have we never heard of any muslim cleric issuing a fatwa against the Lashkar-e-toiba? When they can issue a fatwa against Salman Rushie and Taslima Nasrin for writing somethin in a book, why cant they issue one for terrorist orgs who kill innocent ppl? Because in some weird way they DO sympathise with whats goin on, and they do believe all these killings are justified in the name of the crappy jihad they seem to be fightin. If a muslim cleric isnt a leader of the larger peaceful muslim community then does he belong to the LET as well? Where does he belong?
Ive had enuf of ppl tellin me the same shit over and over that the larger muslim comunity is peaceful, but these bastards also come from the same community. Whether u like it or not the terrorists are killin in the name of islam so it IS their prerogative to deal with them.

When kashmir didnt get enuf relief after the earthquake the hurriyat leader mirwaiz umar was in delhi during the friday prayers at jumma masjid, voicing concern that the rest of the country doesnt care about kashmir or the muslims there to send relief. Why wasnt this guy in kashmir helping out with the relief work, and with what face does he come to delhi now ( when all this time he keeps harping that Kashmir doesnt want anything to do with India ).

And even now doesnt ask for help, but cries like a baby that noone is doing enuf.

I think we have faced enuf to sympathise with anyone.

I know it is a premptive assumption that a muslim ter org was behind this ( though i am bit more sure than the US being of WMD being found in Iraq) and in the event that it wasnt one then whatever i said applies to the next terrorist act anywhere in the world in the name of islam, cos they r gonna strike sooner or later somewhere.
But after this act if the government says a million things, and does a few hundred irrelevant shit, then I do agree with you.

Gandhi's greatness can be seen in the way we tolerate all the bull shit against us in a non-violent way , and eventually become totally incompetent spinless creatures unable to decide who the fight is against in the first place.



Blogger dumbs said...

Shiva that was powerful.Cool down. u have a valid point when u say

"When they can issue a fatwa against Salman Rushie and Taslima Nasrin for writing somethin in a book, why cant they issue one for terrorist orgs who kill innocent ppl?"

It makes perfect sense

4:12 AM  
Blogger Nachiketas said...


In the name of non violence(which to me is shit covered in layers and layers of sophisticated lies), we played host to self invited british instead of kicking their asses all the way to Britain. And yet again, we are gonna say hindustani-pakistani bhai bhai and more crap like that. The power of denial.

Although, this has not be proved yet and this blast might be the handiwork of some other organization, dig a little deep and all these acts come from POK, the epicenter of these cowrdly bastards. I cannot help but wonder why in the heck are we in dialogue with a country that sponsors terrorist camps and is governed by a dictator?

The problem is not with the muslim population in is with our inability to ascertain our rights with respect to pakistan.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Hemal Modi said...

These explosions have been timed to generate hostility during the festive season when people of all communities are celebrating our national festivals.

Though issuing a fatwa makes perfect sense. Though I don't know if it makes any difference, as these terrorists have no religion or faith or even human values.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Raymond's Edge said...

If only other countries would join in the war on terrorism. Terrorists can be stopped, but it will take more then a few countries. Good post.

2:41 AM  
Blogger CM said...

Shiva, I agree with your point of view. I think we should partially abandon the Gandhian philosophy, at least in case of Pakistan. Because the condition were totally different prior to independance and now. We don't need any independance now, we already are, so we must stay on the offensive whenever it comes to such cowardly terrorists attack.

I still prefer we shouldn't be as agressive as the US who blatantly manipulated the intelligence reports to invade (Yes it is invasion) Iraq. As an Military Chief I won't let my soldier fire the first bullet, but you fire one and we would pound on you like hungry wolves or what is also called as shock and awe. I think this is the only way the terrorism can be controlled. No more court cases for the convicted ones, and only one punishment for such an act i.e. capital punishment.

4:55 AM  

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