Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Life and cellular automata.

the essence of living is in feeling every minute of your life.

so many ppl pass by, so many opine unasked, so many leave u confused, the ones who u want hurt u hard, the ones who please u, are just that, a bunch of pleasers.

dont listen to others, say the wise. But then u are not being honest about anythin.

Is the good in helping someone who cannot fend for themselves, or helping an idealogy stand by itself? Or is there a middle ground in achieving both.

I must admit, the world is much too corny and cunning for a naive u to survive, but it will refuse to teach u anythin unless u submit to it. Some ppl ive seen float on clouds of bloated selves, and u wish they would for once just touch the ground. But as in real life, u need to climb higher to tuch the clouds, but it does feel nice up there. Nice till u realise, u dont belong there.

The descent is steeper than the climb, for u face a world u had left, but also a world u didnt know existed. And somewhere in this journey, there are these sweeping winds that come from nowhere and disappear into the unknown. They whisper secrets in ure ears, but they make no sense, at least for now.

And then there is a feeling of fatigue, loss, and pain. You wish that you could just stop and stare at the lights of the city, but suddenly remember u can stare at the lites only bcos u r in the dark. That scares u even more.

Fear, the ultimate sign that shows ure alive. Every minute of every hour that u spend thinkin, eventually gets multiplied by a fear factor, and drives u to safety or paranoia.

I was wondering today while researching the fundoo concepts of cellular automata. What if we generated cellular automata patterns of our lives, could we unearth a greater secret that explains our existences? Its easy actually...

1. Get a basic rule in place. Consider a 1-dimensional CA.
2. Look at past, present, future of every day in ure life and if it has been different then change it or mark it with a different color.
3. What eventually will happen is patterns seem to emerge from those momentous days in ure lives, that when filtered will probably be the only bright spots in ure life.
4. If we see these patterns and match our lives, will we know how many of us could potentially be leading twin lives??

Its a scary concept to know that someone somewhere in this world is livin a perfect exact replica life that you feel so sick of, and is having a jolly good time.

Where does that place you in the wave?



Blogger Sujata said...

How do we decide that there are enough bright colors in the cellular automata color pattern for our lives as compared to others?

Subjective...ain't it?

6:12 PM  
Blogger AdHocQuirks said...

the patterns that emerge might not correspond to the momentous days we've had in lives...the colors might be due to the after effects or the precursors to some events which we might not realize in isolation.
on another note, cellular automata is a new term for me; thanks for sharing

12:57 AM  

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