Friday, October 21, 2005

the wishlist is a wonderful place to be...especially when ure 25.... here now...where's the gold?

i remember someone promise me a ton of it when i reached the gates of 25....the gates will be huge....shiny steel...will open with 5 guards on either side, the skies will be bright, the air electric with the still mist.....but this was all a long long time ago.

and now that im here.....i understand why i was told all that.

bcos the only gold that lives with u forever is the cheap rip-off coating on ure half rusted set of keys, but u own the keys and they do lead u somewhere important.

come to think of it, u own ure life like uve never owned it before. the choices u make and the opportunities that u pass are ures to win and to lose. and as kramer puts it very eloquently...
"I'm out there , Jerry...and Im loving every minute of it!!"

it was gloomy today...almost like the day didnt wanna wake up....but yes there was the still mist as promised. Something had worked out as planned.

my black and red pod has suddenly become my angel in crisis, because everytime i hold it, i feel like thats my soul ...all the 2000 songs....every byte in 5.6 gigs....ya i know what most of u mite be piece novelty...will wear off....

well i cant answer that....only time can.

and somewhere in middle of all those albums...between REM and Iron Maiden, lies this beautiful song by Travis ( the ones who carried the Brit soul music before coldplay played clocks) called Turn.

I had last heard this song in 2002 before i left India.....a simple composition but one that tugs at those strings that most ppl usually hide beneath all the pomp and passion they carry around. And it all came back to me....its been 3 years and the world has changed inside out....Sachin no longer carries the Indian team on his shoulders, DDLJ sounds old and cliched to many, the Gen X have now become mature adults ( so they say) and a new vibe resonates everywhere. Nothing to hold onto from the past, and the futures too distant to grasp. The present seems nice when you dont think too much about anything. So what do we do....i think just float....float around like pollen choosing random paths.

Have you ever noticed how ppl elder to u become sad when they learn how old you are. It somehow reminds them how old they are, and somehow I see more ppl older than me than younger. I think I hang around with the rong set of ppl but its nice to be the young guy in the gang. This colleague I met in an elevator tells me he is twice as old as me. and then his face turns hes about to cry. I console him sayin, well you arent that old.....thats the best i could do...:(

After the barrages of emails, chat conversations , phone calls and smiles, I get to the important things like laughing at moments that in someway or the other reminds u of a stupid moment from the past. This weird guy from school asks me a question that shall haunt me for the rest of my life.

Aaj tune chutti nahin li kya?

I'm like...huh?....chutti ?? kyon??

Nahin yaar aaj birthday hai na teri.....

It sounds ok now...but if you really think about it, ITS DAMN FUNNY

which idiot actually takes a day off to celebrate his birthday?? I mean what do you tell your boss the reason for u not showing up, Aaj meri happy birthday hai?? Kya paka raha hai!!

The ipod i bought is a u2 special edition which was in my radar for over yr now. All this while , i either didnt have the money or the will to buy it. I still dont have both, but a weird third character, impulse shows up from nowhere and next thing i know im staring at Bono's signature on the shiny cover of MY pod. the whole package came with a poster having wise words from the dude,

If you rid the room of argument, you empty your life of the people closest to you.

dunno bout that but it sounds nice.....

somethin im happy about being 25 is not needing to pay underage fees when renting cars.

now thats an achievement.

Not that im more mature now than three yrs ago, wise yes....mature no...
So now i can stop this institutionalised bribing and get on with my drive.

so staring at another year go by, has surely shaken me off my stupor....the wishlist for the yr to come is long, but now that i have the time will sit and work out the ones i can achieve and frame the ones i can never.

till then i shall bid u all farewell.....


Blogger Ramesh said...

25 means only one can rent good cars when you travel. and insurance is way cheaper (:

otherwise its just a number. you get over it pretty fast.

--welcome to the other side.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Sujata said...

Belated Happy birthday :D

2:57 PM  
Blogger Nachiketas said...

Belated Happy Birthday we are getting old and soon we will be ancient lol.

10:38 PM  

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