Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Trance fix...


What's the pattern here?

I cant see any mathematical one, but this one is a personal interpretation.

It took me to complete my 85th post, 18 days of the new year, after seven aborted attempts, after I downloaded four trance tracks by DJ Tiesto.

I told you it was personal.

This guys has some phenomenal tracks to his name, Just be, Insomnia, Touch me, and my personal fave, Beautiful things. Just makes you alive with energy. Give it a shot.


Sports has been huge over the past two weeks, so lets recap all that...

1. Cricket:

This Ind-Pak series cost me 27 bucks for the test matches on streaming, but then the genius who offered it backed out and offered everyone a refund. What a moron. I do have other sources to get, but they look more shadier than Quattarochi ( these things come to mind when you have someone ask u to deposit 30 bucks in some moron's paypal account.)

The first match ( game is US, match is desi) was a damp squid, even I could score a century on that placid pitch. What were the pakis thinking when they made that pitch? Just serves us desi morons on the other end of the world right when we stay up all night to get a glimpse of the nike logo on the armband. BTW that rocks!

Some finer aspects of the match that me and Kartik were discussing.

a. Bhajji cant bowl with the Kookaburra ball. Kumble cant bowl with the Dukes. Then what the hell are we doing picking two spinners who cant bowl their best with the only two types of balls available? Weird.

b. Wasim Jaffer and Gautam Gambhir, two specialist openers for the tour. But using some convoluted sense of logic we play Ganguly, to open that is. The dude tells Dravid he aint opening. Dravid being the nice guy who finished first ( that is the name of his autobiography) opens instead. Talk about professionalism. Na, Id rather just talk about peanuts.

c. The Pakis have a game plan of their own. Yousuf Youhana is now Mohammad Yousuf. I wonder why he even bothered to change his name. I think Salman Butt sounded better. Oh, wait, that was the moron who got run out in single digits. Just gets weirder by the second.

On second thoughts, thank gudness I got my refund back. Faisalabad also looks like a damp squid, do these tours actually need so much planning. I wonder what would happen if they just went with overnight planning. Probably something would go right.

2. NFL: Was this the week of the season of what? Getting to see the Broncos whip the Patriots' butts for the second time this season at Invesco was a treat. God damn all the commentators, columnists, so called tacticians, and anyone else who earns their worth talking about the legacy and the dynasty that the Patriots are. Are they kidding me?? The Patriots couldnt hold onto the ball, probably they just play in MA and win there. The Steelers-Colts game was another see-saw till the end. 5 minutes left and you see certain nominations for the juvenile plays of the year award. In the end Colts look like South Africa, at least live up to their chokers tag pretty well. Next week...Broncos host the Steelers at Invesco for the AFC championship. Denver sure is cool!

3. I was at an NHL game this week, between the Colorado Avalanche and the Toronto Maple Leafs, not that Im really an NHL freak, but my boss gave me free tickets to the game. Anyway it was good to see a game which has continuity, unlike most American sports which are built around the commercial break. Just made me wonder what watching Liverpool at Anfield, Arsenal at Highbury or Barca at Nou Camp would be like. The list of dreams just grows...


Lots more happening. But for now the new year has been more like a fast local from VT at 10 in the morning, limited stops, more speed, few ppl and the wind in ure hair.

Bombay rules yaar people, seriously.

15 tonnes CO2 per year