Sunday, February 26, 2006

as stupid as it gets....

looney tunes from all over the world....some notes i picked up from news sites....

1. Sunil Gavaskar asks Saurav Ganguly to fight on to get back into the team. According to Gavaskar, 33 is no age to retire, because had he retired when he was 33, he wouldnt have got his 34th century. I thought we were talking about Ganguly. Then I realised he was at a press conference in Kolkatta with the Bengal CM. And as the saying goes, in Bengal be Bengali.

2. Three Indian scientists were refused visas to the US with the DHS ( department of homeland security) thinking they would transfer technology or gain some extra credits. Even asked one of them to submit biographical sketches of his life as an essay. Weird considering the jerks who actually make it here. A case of selective amnesia perhaps or probably giving some buffer punching zone before Prez Bush actually makes his way to India. Finally all three of them get their visas. Probably an over zealous officer in Chennai who got bored of approving visas to all the techies.

3. Laloo Yadav announced the railway budget last week, with a Garib Rath which would be a poor mans AC train with prices 25% lower than normal fares. Just doesnt make any sense considering the fact that most people in Bihar dont know the concept of actually buying tickets.

4. The Shiite shrine bombing in Iraq and then Abu ghraib number 2, must have taken relations with the West to an all time low. I just dont understand how anything can come back to normal knowing the Arabs to be the vengeful lot that they pride themselves of being. Its like everyones fighting till the last dude gets killed. Every image of people crying and every funeral procession just makes it so bad that even the most un-nationalistic guy would wake up and start wondering what the hell is happenin to them. Probably a fight to the finish. and whats stupid about this whole thing is that noone actually knows what the plan is. The US cant leave till the iraqis wake up, the iraqis dont know they have to wake up. So u just have a mess.

5. I saw a snap in bbc where they had a group of Pakistani fishermen protesting the Danish newspapers publishing the cartoons depicting the prophet as a terrorist. All of them were on their boats somewhere in the middle of the Arabian sea. How does the cartoon even affect them and wouldnt they be better off fishing rather than wasting their time on such issues. Frankly speaking the entire cartoon episode is rather funny with people ready to stoop lower to prove their point. The most realistic response was with US newspapers knowing they cant afford to stoop lower than where they r rite now. France, Germany are creating their own Abu Ghraibs by getting into a problem thats not theirs. What i dont understand is why anyone should make fun of any religion? Weird.

6. In an immediate connection to the cartoon episode, London's Mayor was suspended because he called a Jewish reporter to be from a concentration camp or somethin...People just love getting the foot-in-mouth disease.



Blogger AdHocQuirks said...

hey good job of round up on events...nice to read your opinions on them.

12:00 AM  
Blogger Sujata said...

Nice ones.

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