Tuesday, February 14, 2006

dream a little dream about me...

I guess it is the start to something new, always nice to evolve into a free spirit. Do desires mean anything if you didnt want them bad enough? I dream at night about the most random things. I dream of going to Argentina at the tip of South America and just standing there. The next day I visit a photo exhibition where I see a photo of the edge of the world, the exact locale in my dreams. Is my desire satisfied? I dont know. The other day I saw God in my dreams. I mean I didnt. I was at this random temple, have never been there before. There was this bell, the high steps. I didnt see the idols, just heard the chants. I was walking away when this figure walks upto me. I couldnt see the face, just the saffron robes. I think hard to remember the face, its not everyday I see Him. A fuzzy white image is all I can recollect. This dream though is special. Because I stood upto Him. ( or at least thats what I would like myself to believe) The voice spoke, it was deep. I remember only 2 words and I refused to listen to anymore. They were leading to something, but I didnt want to listen because I didnt want to know. He said," But Unfortunately" and I stirred in bed and forced myself awake. I wasnt scared, I wasnt shaken. I just woke up because I didnt want to be part of that message. 'But unfortunately' is always bad, can never be any good. Im actually glad I woke up. Now whatever it was He wanted to say, He had to do without informing me. If you could call that standing upto fate, so be it. Or an easier way to explain this is waking up to discomfort. Nothing around me has since changed. I hope He understood the reason I ignored Him. It wasnt business, just personal.



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