Wednesday, March 29, 2006

reward the law-breakers: US Mantra for 2006

The Immigration Reform debate going on in this country has been pretty interesting considering the fact that over 2000 illegal immigrants cross over every day and close to a million arrive every year. For a country at 293 million this may seem insignificant but it skews the demographics, the economics and highlights the toothlessness of the department of handling this issue.

Just like lawmakers sleep all over the world till an election shows up in the horizon, Congress didnt seem to be interested in solving the problem till the elections this year. But for all the war of words taking place, my admiration for the lot lies in the fact that a law actually IS a law in this country, enforcement being the key. They may talk the big talk...but they also walk it and get it in action.

The less said about Vicente Fox the better in that sense. He gets out in less than a month, so he's actually being human. Go North he says..and make your American Dream a reality.


My friend got really irritated with all this noise about immigration reform. Well he had perfect reason considering the fact that his friend had just got deported when his OPT expired. His point of view is if we have to jump though so many hoops to get here and make our way into this system, how the hell could so many people just get citizenship so easily? But thats our crib. Will we be heard, that I dont know, but I know that some lawmakers hate us as well as the illegal immigrants.

I never knew hate could play a useful role.


In any case I cant just avoid comparisons of the Bush guest-worker plan with the Nuke deal he just brokered with India. Yes both are pragmatic, both aim to make friends in a very unfriendly world, but basically reward law-breakers.

I am an Indian and for all given matters I had to admire the way the Indians positioned themselves for this deal. The thing I didnt find very amusing was that US after dragging its weight behind getting a collective decision on every important issue since 1945 has just given up on listening and is instead acting on its own.

It makes sense though if you consider that its tuff to carry the whole world with u. and more so if ure idea of collective and responsible decision making ends up getting Libya and Cuba on the Human Rights Council at the UN. Its just a mockery of the system and shows the dismal state of world affairs.

plus the final statement of any American, if it is in our interests we will do it.

So much for world peace huh?


A final statement about this issue:

After my friend went thru his cribs about how unfair the system really is, i told him to ask his friend to probably try crossing the border...u never know he mite ..just end up being an American Citizen before this dude!


Blogger Sujata said...

Hmm..interesting! Its all a blunder-world out here..this immigration reforms is a who-knows-what thing for me. I can't really understand.

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