Monday, March 20, 2006

u will lose it....someday...

the fear that captures me every morning is as melodramatic and frightening as a nosy Bollywood villain's monologue at the climax of any Hindi formula movie. Deep voices say, You will lose day they will be gone.

I just cannot avoid comparisons of my receding hairline to the permafrost melting away in Siberia or Icebergs melting in Greenland. Both are irreversible changes, changes that we so dearly dont want.

So just as reluctant Governments spend months and years talking about how to reduce Green house emissions and force industry to use cleaner standards or at least cover up whatever it is thats happening up there, I spend a lot of time thinking about the same at my North Pole. Better hair care, conditioners suited to my hair type, stuff that you have to spend money on, whether it makes a difference or not, because you dont want to wonder about What could have been....

My friend happened to mention after looking at the spot that Guys lose hair because of some sort of gene stuff, stuff gals dont have. Ya how unfair is that?? We get something more and it actually makes us lose hair!

Sad but true...

One fine day we will be without the ice cap that survived through centuries and ill be wearing one pretty soon. And as all things we have go through, we'll just adapt and move on.

No point getting all riled up about something you'll lose for sure right?

Tell that to Green Peace.



Blogger sophie said...

i could only laugh out loud after seeing this post
dont worry my dad is 65 and has thick dark hair still...
and my father in law too...

5:37 AM  
Blogger Ramesh said...

that was a good one (:

4:47 PM  

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