Thursday, April 20, 2006

an event, a trip and much more

I dont think I mentioned this before on my blog, but I am working on organizing a 5K run in June with my other Asha-Colorado friends. So if you are in any mood to donate some money to a really amazing cause (The motivation here lies in having fun with some responsibility, somewhat like having a designated driver on ure way to the bar), please do let me know. I dont wanna fill anyone's head with propaganda, watching CNN or FOX would give you enough material.

Visit for more information.

Remember social change is fulfilling when you are involved in the process.

So get involved!


I was at my sister's place last weekend, for a quick getaway from this crazy colorado life ( crazy on the head). It was really an enriching experience to see my nephew grow this quick ( already 18 months old) A double edged sword i tell you, it also means that I am getting older. My sister has suddenly become this wise woman capable of cornering me in talks, or perhaps i stuttered aimlessly in the unknown. In any case it seemed surreal, but I just seemed further and further away from a life that I have so comfortably called my own. My parents seemed at a distance, my sister was a mother and I was for the very first time kind of reluctant to grow.
And then there was the backyard.

I promise you I shall never have a backyard if at all I get a house. It just seemed to be a honeypot for memories. I remembered from my times in backyards when I was a kid, at all my cousins places, at all our friends places. Plus you always have a eastman color home video that pops up from nowhere of kids playing in the backyard. All that just makes me sad. and I dont wanna be sad.

I played with my nephew in the lawn, with the sprinklers on and us running through the shots of water. For a minute I stood there and wondered, I have done this, a long long long time ago. But now I am no longer a kid. And I saw my sis and athimber stand at a distance, and we all looked so lonely, wanting to become kids once again.

I dont know whether I am making mountains out of mole hills as usual or its time's up, next show please. I just felt this weekend was more than just a getaway. It was the buzzer go off. an end of an era.


Surprisingly I havent been dreaming for a while now. I have been sleeping well, but I dont see any dreams. I could be stressed out. or probably I am living a dream.

I hope its the second.


Blogger Nachiketas said...

I know buddy...I exactly know that feeling about not wanting to grow up...but alas we have no choice.

8:49 PM  
Blogger Sujata said...

Its this very age of mid twenties.....neither here nor there situation. I am still approaching it...see..I too don't wanna grow up.

7:53 AM  
Blogger Kartik said...

yup..we all wanna be young again. We wanna be young to move away from the realities i guess.

its difficult for us to accept the fact that we are getting older and with that we have added resps.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Ramesh said...

good look with that 5K thing

3:05 PM  

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