Wednesday, April 12, 2006

post one hundred

never knew i could actually get to 100...but here i am.

i know its not a landmark of epic proportions, but it feels nice when passion can feel real. Hard numbers make anything satisfying, from calorie counts to tax refunds. So somewhere between those numbers lies this 100 for me.

Thanks to my audience of the regulars and the ones who came here bcos they didnt have anywhere else to go.

so here 100!


how do u get to know the world isnt really doing bad at all and that for every screw-up there is someone innovating something, doing something good, however small it may be. Take this for example.

Things that are going wrong with the world:
1. Michael Brown is a consultant for the rebuiliding effort in New Orleans.
2. The Iranians now have an enriched future.
3. France cant get economically healthy
4. Russia of the new is Russia of the old with some new guys at the top.
5. India, for all the positive vibes we get, is still mismanaged at every level. A fire in a Meerut fair to reservations in post-grad levels of education.
6. The Gospel of Judas doesnt reveal anything new.
7. Iraq's still a mess, noone knows what to do.
8. Immigration reform is junked outta the Congress.

I wanted to make a 10 but too many numbers spoil the blog. Let this one be for the 100...:)

Things that are going right with the world:
1. Google refuses to buck under pressure from the Government.
2. Italy decides to go for a new PM, an economist.
3. Sankaracharya decides to build a hospital in Bangalore.
4. San Francisco speeding to free wifi connectivity.
5. There is a Gospel of Judas.
6. Iraq's still there.
7. Students in France know how to protest and how to get what they want.
8. Spring is in.
9. Latin America goes red and left.

Not that any of all that actually makes any difference, but its nice to just wonder where all this noise and commotion is headed to.


will catch u all at 101...


Blogger Sujata said...

Great going!

8:04 AM  
Blogger Santosh said...

congos on reaching the milestone!!

6:30 PM  

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