Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the rehabilitation of the mammoth crib.

this post is about nothing. I just received an email from Manish who also seems to be in the same state of mind after reading a NYtimes article that i sent him and my mailing list. This is what he had to say,

"Cool stuff and everyone but the Republicans (aka the great white race) sees it. I wonder what the outcome of the last 5 years would have been if the "God's empire" had spent the war money in building schools, hospitals and power plants all over Middle East and Afghanistan.

Well, at least this circus gave the world something other than starved African babies and evil columbian drug lords to think about. I wonder though... could Congo or Somalia someday rise to pursue similar fanatic nationalism and declare themselves as "Nuclear (maybe Voodoo) powers"!!!

I honestly think people today need to take themselves and their lives a lot (LOT in screaming bright and bold font) less seriously. Where are those days gone, where are those people? Remember the Indian Babu or the communist rebel from chapra who would spend his entire life lazily in this pursuit. Never wanting to do anything active to get to that distant and beautiful goal. Maybe the distance is what made it so beautiful and life.. oh so sweet.

It's all going to melt in a few million years anyway... why turn it into a lil star in the next 10?

Nothing changes, nothing ever changes.
All our efforts and progress are illusions, as trivial as us in the big scheme of things.
We Need to find Neo and break the matrix!!! "

Now seeing him ramble made me happy. What he said made sense, but we have surely thought about it time and again. So I decided to ramble along with him. This is what I had to say,

"very very very well said dude....when they say we are worlds apart, its not only in lifestyles but even in our aspirations. i think having a lot more ppl, more porous borders, no real sense of security or the lack of it has a lot to do with the bharat being the way we used to know it. I just hope there is some bharat left in india by the time we get a chance to make our quick buck here and even think about our homeward bound journeys. Everything is melting away, the permafrosts in siberia to oil in the middle east to the values in our heads. So what do we hold onto? When i look around me now, I see so many weird things that could either be translated into an evolving society or a breakdown in it, and will only prove one thing, how optimistic or pessimistic u are as a person.

is this the end of the empire as we know it and if so, what the hell r we doing here? my answer to that is, im here bcos i have nowhere else to go..:).

Problems can be divided into two types, Micro and Macro problems. Sudan, Somalia, Iran are macro level problems. Getting milk for tomorrow is micro. I have been wondering for while now, which level of problems do i need to associate myself with and what good can possibly come out of it. Micro level problems can be solved by mice with two heads, Macro level problems can only be solved with an ego meltdown at some point. In the end both arent problems, if u dont have milk, then dont have any. If Iran really wants nukes, big deal let them have it. I am pretty sure 4-5 more countries already have them but are just keeping their mouths shut, its like having an extra dairy milk in school and keeping shut till the bully passes by.

I am still actively pursuing my final dream of getting that chai ki tapri in Varanasi and you better start planning that dhaba next to the tapri. I still believe thats the ultimate pursuit of my life. Hope Varanasi still remains after almost 5000 years of having continuous human inhabitation. I also feel we all need a break man. Probably a guided tour of 'English August' would help. I just finished reading an article of 35 hindus getting massacred in Jammu. These articles used to make me mad, now I just ignore it like a bad rash. Because I understand there is a bigger picture to whats happening. Nothing to do with Politics or Freedom. More to do with karma and 'ya,whatever'

I keep zooming in and out of the world to get the right feel for my focus. Should whatever I say and do affect just me, probably the two morons working behind me, probably this city of denver, this country of america, or the world? or Should it just affect the one uncut nail on my finger or the ant on my desk.

No answers on that one. Did you read about Kavya Vishwanathan's plagarism issue at Harvard? I never knew anyone owned the English language? So whatever I am writing right now is an active plagarism of the works of William Shakespeare? He wrote in English though with more thees and thous and arts, but still. BTW I m gonna post ure words on my blog tomorrow as your words. hope thats fine.

The matrix is an answer. Where do we find Neo? I'll look him up, I thought I saw him next to Ne Peng's chinese takeout at Lodo.



Blogger Kartik said...

Yup!!! The answer is out there. We need to find it. I had similar thoughts. What are we doing here? Then, i realized we are here to find the answers to the questions that come up in our minds.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Sujata said...

May be there is a NEO or a part of him in everyone of us, an those small parts need to unite together to break the matrix...may be.

6:39 AM  

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