Tuesday, June 20, 2006

the solitary post

this could very well be my only post for the month of June.

There is an inverse proportion relationship between the happenings in ure life and the number of posts that can be put up.

This is my sole conclusion from June.

And watching dumbs finally wrap up, I begin to wonder whether all this blogging is actually worth it.

And I think it is and it does make sense. This isnt a blog about great achievements or any personal triumphs. Its just an outlet for these words that get stuck in my head. The din becomes so loud sometimes that I have to get them out of there. and then I am at peace.

I will be blogging throughout my India trip which starts in 9 days.

The journey to the opposite end of the world, a place that was once home, and could also be home again.

Let the show begin...:)


Blogger Sujata said...

Keep Blogging :)

2:01 PM  
Blogger Nachiketas said...

Enjoy uself in India man

7:16 PM  

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