Saturday, July 08, 2006

analytics and the power to know...

im in india now...and does it feel good!

three mantras for anyone travelling to india after a while...

1. never try to understand why anyone does anything. if they do something let them, if they dont, good for u. the more u try to understand the less u will like or as bono says in the city of blinding lights, the more u see the less u know, unless u find out as u go.

2. never question the weirdness around u and in order to do that keep ure calender busy. fill it out with things to do even if u dont get around to do them.

3. never be fatalistic, believe in murphy and enjoy life.

then india seems like the perfect vacation destination! ( pls dont accuse me of being an outsider looking at india. i am just pointing out the obvious)

i have added the google analytics code to my blog for over 5 months now. pretty interesting stuff when u consider you get everything you would want to know about the visitors to ure site. Location, networks, names, frequencies, histograms and pie charts. (plus how to earn some extra money)

Bombay is just great....its just a feeling you get when u can possibly absorb the sights and the sounds the place has to offer. But a minute of ecstacy is followed by questions that noone seems to have answers for.

I though have felt old in this trip. Like ive been in a time warp since i left the last time. Everyone and Everything i associated with has changed, but its nice to finally get to meet everyone being all responsible and stuff. For more on my ramblings about the trip visit

Still searching for closure and convergence. No sight of the gruesome twosome.

A third search for perspective has been easy, its everywhere u look. The faces, the people, the journeys made by everyone to get where they r. How many of them move on, how many r happy. All these questions just overwhelm u so badly that ure contribution seems tiny and worth no mention. Its easier to move on as an individual, all our successes and failures directly attributed to us. But what if you were to carry with u the hopes and aspirations of many, and what if u fail?

Ramya calls them 'shackles of the past'. and she also tells me its not easy to shake that off.

Is it really that tough?


Blogger Ramesh said...

did u hear abt the block on blogs in india?

6:47 PM  

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