Tuesday, July 25, 2006

a trip to Dev Bhoomi

On ure list of todo things in India, if u really r looking for a getaway dont miss Himachal. Man, the place is so beautiful that ud often wonder whether ure really in India.

Dharamshala is a quiet little town with more tourists than locals and more Tibetans than Indians. I ran into so many Israeli tourists ( the place has quite adapted with Hebrew keyboards in Cyber Cafes to Falafel Sandiwiches in restaurants) that I sense a Jewish conspiracy. and then u have the Dalai Lama and his monasteries. Mcleodganj has that small market town feel to it, and though u would think ure in a wholly different world, u get everything from Reliance SIM cards to Aspirins.

Shimla looks like the Monaco of India with buildings at the edge of cliffs and small roads winding in and out of the city. To think that the whole of the subcontinent was administered from this small town, aden in the west to burma in the east for most part of the year during the British times gives u a perspective of what we are looking at.

Get a book or ure ipod or even better go to sleep while travelling or else get ready for Vertigo 2. The roads criss-cross the hills and mountains at angles you would never imagine, and with the way vehicles are driven in India, I think ive said more than enough. But then u get ure moments of complete bliss when you view the mountains far and beyond and when you drive through a cloud. Its a risk worth taking.

The Food is authentic Punjabi stuff so dont go and ask for a dosa.

My route: Mumbai-Chandigarh by flight and Chandigarh onwards by car.

I will post snaps of the place thats called 'Dev-Bhoomi' ( I thought God's own country was Kerala)


Blogger Ramesh said...

according to a friend of mine, a lot of israelis take a tour before/after their compulsory military service. india is on the agenda for quite a few. goa, the N-east figure prominently on places to visit.

so how was the rest of the your trip?

12:12 PM  
Blogger Sujata said...

Falafel in India...interesting..

6:02 AM  

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