Monday, August 21, 2006

but we didnt start the fire....seriously....

...anyway who cares...the world likes it hot...

and thats my reaction having just watched a bunch of penguins walk up and down antarctica in 'march of the penguins'. i just fell into a daze at some point during morgan freeman's dry narrative because i didnt understand whether the penguins were coming or going. anything obnoxious makes us appreciate it, something out of the ordinary.

We appreciate an air-plot being foiled but didnt understand why we couldnt carry a book on board an aircraft. I mentioned this to a friend and he kept asking me...what could one do with a book?...seriously what Could you do with a book?

I'm like...maybe u can hit someone with it or throw it at someone. Maybe the DHS has a better idea.

OK, the fourth test match between Pakistan and England was forfeited because of ball tampering allegations at none other than our friendly across the border morons. Never happened before in the 128 history of test matches which is a sure sign of the world coming to an end.

na that's a pretty lame reason for the world to come to an end.

Maybe the completely clueless israelis and their not so warm neighbors consisting of Lebanese ppl who dont know their falafels, some shee-ite iranians and soo-ni syrians can give us a better reason. But alas peace prevailed or so we believe. The US now needs the very same UN it called a bunch of sissies before getting into Iraq. France had to do something because it was reluctantly pulled into the spotlight. Blair had to cancel his vacation to the carribean before he found out he wasnt wanted anywhere near the crisis and went back to vacationing in the sun.

After a month of bombing the heck out of beirut, everyone seems to be claiming victory for the war. This was just getting ridiculous.

But then we had the Macaca crisis which just came out of nowhere. Come on, did he really not know what the term meant or was he just showing off his vocab? In any case, youtube has the video which could finally reveal what Americans really think of Indians....apart from being Coomar.

But I really know how the world is going to come to an end.

The day we stop believing Pluto is a planet is the day we are ....... that much closer to the end of the world. Why tamper with the navagrahas and call it dvadashigraha or something. We want Pluto to be what it has always been. No obscurely named UB313 or anything can make anything different.

At least for now things will be the same. or so we hope.


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hey this is a goood post..subtle humor gets me :)

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