Saturday, August 12, 2006

My thoughts on KANK...

ok, so i watched the movie inspite of all the rip apart reviews. Rediff was really sharp, but then rediff doesnt know how to enjoy movies for what they r, just movies. Watch, laugh, feel the frenzy, have the chai-samosa and walk out. Yes you need relevance and u have tons of it around. But everytime a critic rips a movie apart because it didnt match his real life expectations, u end up feeling skeptical, but nevertheless go for it because those were HIS expectations and not ures.

Its just like because Air travel has become so messed up would u stop flying?

Ok, so the movie.

1. I would deem it the best of the stuff Karan Johar has so far thrown at us. ( That doesnt make it excellent cinema, but a good movie)

2.The saving grace(s) of the movie, Amitabh, Abhishek, Rani and Preity. in that order.

3. SRK still hams his way through every scene, and I never quite understood what made him so mad at life. I mean ya, bad things happen to everyone everyday.. just makes him a sore loser. So if thats what he wanted to portray, he's done an excellent job. But it doesnt fit in the movie, because u dont sympathise with him.

4. Many people said the movie drags on, but I was ok with the timing. Its just that you see ppl making a mess of things on screen without even an attempt to control the swirl, that it becomes sadistically interesting at some point. You want to see vengeful characters say their lines, the so called moments of truth where they make hard decisions. Its funny at some points and at others u dont feel a thing. But considering the melodrama in Indian movies, this is really good. Nothing really over the top. SRK gets fewer and fewer lines as the movie progresses which is a VERY good thing.

4. That one scene where all of them are at the dining table shows why Amitabh and SRK r the powerhouses they r. Because everyone had their lines and they just went thru the motions, just when these two said it, it just froze in time. That to me was the best scene of the movie.

5. Apart from that u never knew why really anyone was doing whatever it is they were doing. SRK was cribbing throughout when frankly speaking there was nothing wrong with him or his life. Rani seemed sad when again nothing really seemed wrong with her or her life. Abhishek was a normal guy and so was Preity being a normal gal. So u would have a difficult time sympathizing with anyone because well this is how life is, never perfect! That doesnt certainly mean junk everything you have and try your luck with someone else. It just seemed very superficial.

6. I am no Guru on marriages but every marriage around me, well to be frank, seems like a match of inequalities somehow managing to balance the equation. So why even bother adding more variables to the equation when u cant balance one? So nothing to learn in real life from the movie except that Grand Central Station is empty at midnight. ( I think its Grand Central)

So just watch the movie and enjoy it. Its not too sweet, neither is it too teary-eyed. Its just a bunch of blah and a few songs with beautiful people who somehow manage to screw things up very well. But then as in any Hindi movie, they all end up happily ever after, albeit with other people...:) except the ones who started the mess in the first place!


Blogger Aniruddha said...

The first positive review about KANK that I heard / read .. that gives me some inspiration to go watch the movie in theatre .. I always wanted to but everyone around me gave me such horrible reviews that I was wondering if its worth it ... great post .. good analysis ..

9:38 AM  

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