Thursday, September 28, 2006


Linux users and labour party members will smile away at this. not that they have anything in common apart from social justice and weird hairdos. ubuntu also makes me smile, because it finally brings convergence to my distorted thoughts. how i got here, well ill save that for later. right now, a glimpse of how things dont work.

u know things can be pretty bad when you reach the blood donation station and find out you cant donate blood. Which actually made me laugh because it was the climax of several 'u've gotta be kidding me' experiences over the last few weeks. i move out of my apartment this week, into a friend's place, trying to be subtle about my complete inability to decide on anything. The funny part of this is I havent moved anything. I just go home and stare at all the furniture,and go to sleep. What adds to my woes is a weekend at my sister's place, which gives me a grand total of 1 evening, to move and clean the place up. ok back to the story of things going awry.

Thank you very much for your enthusiasm. That line cracked me up in an email from a potential employer who interviewed me three times, made me travel half way around the country and made me buy a sports coat for a hundred bucks. I know the reason they didnt select me. Well they didnt ask me anything about the job! Now I have been party to several such interviews where they at least are point blank on what they want out of me. These guys were talking about the weather the whole time and how the emerging economies are catching up. Which made me play along. Now before you guys think, Im desperately trying to get out of here, well dont. I just went because they called me, just to see if there were any new gigs in town. I later find out they decided not to fill the position.

With heavy heart I sent them an email back,
Thank you very much for your enthusiasm in interviewing me about nothing.


I reach the toyrsus store to get two toys that I spent three weeks deciding on. Well for all you people who know about Elmo TMX, good for you. The rest please google it out ureselves. I also wanted to get the tod-rod power wheels, the red one, for my nephew whose second birthday I am attending this weekend. Now why red, because they have a red car. Now toysrus is an amazing place to chill out even if ure way out of the league. This one however didnt have the red one,just a blue version. Now this is what got to me. When I want the red one, I want the red one. Why settle for some thing less? Anyway I went right to the manager's office to find out if they had the red one. So we compared features, we compared functionalities and everything was exactly the same. But why BLUE??? Now this is where I usually go #$%@!#$, but after the dysfunctional experiences of the last week, I gave up. I didnt want to fight anything anymore. I just wanted to go home. If I knew where that was in the first place.

Elmo TMX had sold out. Now I asked the manager, who seemed to have had enough of me, why they kept listing the toy to be available if it wasnt there. His smart reply, because its in the warehouse. Now how that would affect my life, I shall never know. Anyway it was going to take a week to reach the store, which actually had me wondering whether I would have nothing for my nephew. I decided to pick up a go-kart instead, but the box was HUGE. So I left the store empty-handed, thinking of how many more things can actually go this way.


by the way there was a lot going on in the world all this time, from the UN general assembly addresses by Bush, Mahmoudinejad and the devil spewing chavez. From Bill Clinton firing away on Fox news, to Musharaf being on the daily show. Wait a minute, what the hell was Musharaf doing on Jon Stewart's show?? Having some tea and twinkie apparently. Japan elected a new PM, Blair had his last major speech before stepping down next year. The world suddenly got a lot warmer with some action. And then clinton gave the ubuntu talk that kind of made some sense to me.


That was what Bill Clinton told the Labour party conference it needed to remember this week. "Society is important because of Ubuntu."

But what is it? Left-leaning sudoku? U2's latest album? Fish-friendly sushi?

No, it's a word describing an African worldview, which translates as "I am because you are," and which means that individuals need other people to be fulfilled.


Probably that had been the core of my haphazard hits and misses. No stated relation to anything or anyone I know. Basically an unmanned aircraft flying all over the place.

But still it did make a list of funny happenings.

Though, honestly I've had enough. Hope things change.


Blogger s0ulasylum said...

awww.. it'll get better.. and how. wait and watch.
p.s: they decided not to fill the position? and when were you going to tell me that?

9:49 AM  

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