Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the fireworks...always at the end...

It was a quiet diwali weekend, my fourth away from India. Caught at the crossroads of acceptance and denial had become a usual feeling, and the never ending feeling of wanting to be home for Diwali had kind of simmered into a reluctant indifference. As I watched the England-Australia match at three in the morning, only for the sight of streets filled with color and lights, I felt a silent cloak of happiness cover my senses. And the fireworks went crackling somewhere deep inside. It is Diwali after all.

I stepped out of the theater after watching Don at 1 am, the 21st. From far away it looked as if it was raining. I was concerned because I didnt carry a coat with me. And as i moved closer I realised it was snowing. "What better way to step into year 26, completely unprepared, even for a snow storm," I thought to myself and smiled. But with every unprepared, unquarantined situation comes an experience you never would have been ready to face. Thus the term being unprepared.

As I drove through the snow storm, the reflection of the flakes almost looked like we were travelling through space and the stars were passing us by. I even went to an extent to have a small time travel from Aurora to Highlands Ranch, from Bombay to Denver. When you have twenty six years pass you by, I would imagine, it would be an achievement if you even remember twenty six things you once promised never to forget. And yes about the list I had to make, of twenty six things I wanted to do next year, I am still making it.

and what I did on Sunday is part of a completely different chapter. I still have no words to fill these blogs because these moments dont come everyday. And when they do, they leave you completely incapable of believing that somewhere in this world lies a mirror for your emotions, that everything you could think has been thought of in the same mould. I always wrote about those moments in the past, and when it actually happens I have no words.

But I will, soon.

Schumacher finished his career on Sunday, driving a magnificent race to finish fourth from last place. As I watched some news coverage and a few news articles, I couldnt help looking back at when I started following the sport, and how one individual could dominate it for an entire decade. and then I realised that even he had his detractors.

And now they shall all live in peace.

But where do I go for my anchor? They say a new yr has started. I am ready for it.

I am ready for the fireworks.


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