Thursday, October 12, 2006

a mocha and some mojo...

blaah blaah blaah blaah and more blaah.

This was all that I heard from some ppl i was meeting a few days ago. It suddenly occured to me that all i was encountering lately were complete misfits. My company VP who asked me whether I liked the cookie at the company lunch, My colleague who explained to a sales guy the reason we didnt see much spam from China of late was because they turned up their firewall (!! since when did China become one freaking box!!!)

Though it had been a while since I found these things humorous. My entire rant episode took me through extended periods of time when the only question I ever asked was why me. But I met Mojo a few days ago and realised he had come into town to meet me. and I laughed.

See the point of this whole exercise right now is about learning to deal with no expectations. I live out of a freaking suitcase, dont even know where half my clothes are ( unless I threw out the wrong box), I ran out of gas last evening and my car stopped in the middle of the road ( was trying to pull off a Kramer thing). My cell phone charger seems to have its own mood where it decides to start charging and then stop arbitrarily. I had nothing to eat the whole day and it was a freaking hike in chilly conditions to get gas. And surprisingly through all this I was in a good mood. Like I couldnt care less.

This sudden change, I attribute to Mojo who I met after a loong time. Getting back with mojo with some mocha helps relive those great moments in life when life was much simpler. Thats when you realise life today is also as simple. Just chuck expectations out the window. Thats a done deal.


I'll be 26 in a week and a day. Wow, that was quick and I didnt expect to be here this soon. In any case, I want to list 26 things I want to do by next year so that I only do one more thing in 2008. Whatever man...I'm old.

Cough... Cough....


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