Friday, October 27, 2006

the restive peace...

i move again tomorrow, because as can be seen i like moving. a new address, a new place, a new something, whatever thats supposed to mean. I actually want to go on a long drive to someplace that I havent been before. Just to explore the beauty of the world that surrounds me, but my roomie's cooking wont let me go far.

Now I have seen a lot of people cook. Some good ones, some mediocre ones, and some who cut cabbages in halves and boil them. But this guy, he just seems to go into a frenzy when he cooks. He tells me he could cook for a whole day, as long as there is something to be cooked. and yes I have seen him cook like that as well. And the final meal isnt an edible dumpling of something that used to resemble a raddish. Its probably the meal that Kramer once mentioned is an orgiastic feast for the senses. and me being a self-confessed foodie, obv yes i wouldnt wander too far away from this. So have I struck gold, yup golden pakoras and masala chais yes!

i left my phone at home today bcos ive had it with technology and me being a slave of it. the laptop, the phone, the tv, the incessant need to be connected. and then i wonder connected to what?? Misery, well ya sometimes, Humor, ah not so much. Actually I really do not want to be bothered anymore. Which doesnt mean the essentials dont go into place. ( I do work in technology, so yes I cannot be disconnected completely)

I started listening to an audiobook of the Future of Freedom by Fareed Zakaria last week. its a neat compilation of how true democracies survive and how checks and balances make some of them great. But again the mismatch happened when the reader who obv sounded 40 and white, suddenly said , I knew what it means to grow up in India. For a second I wondered where that came from, and then it struck me. Ya Fareez did grow up in india and it was his book. But then the second mismatch happened when a friend of mine from Chennai in a state of either forgetfulness or questionable ignorance asked my roomie who obv was cooking at the time, whether Pongal was made from wheat flour which was on the pantry cart. Now I just smiled when I heard that, but my roomie being a kannadiga was amazed. I hope it was forgetfulness, but questionable ignorance cannot be ruled out..yet.

I watched the India-West Indies match on Thursday because of a snow storm that swept in as a blessing in disguise. Two feet of snow meant I could work from home, which meant I could actually watch the match in real time without being guilt-trapped by my sleeping patterns. My roomie was forced to stay home and he as usual fuming went into the kitchen to make the pakoras. It was a great morning as far as I was concerned.

So the snow is here, my second winter in Colorado. Do I want to go skiing, yes, but this time I want to make sure i have the right gear with me, and also include selective distortion of not watching four year old kids ski past me while I try to get up after a fall.

or even better, enjoy watching them ski while I get up. I think thats the missing peace.


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