Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy thanksgiving!!

how a day changes you....

well nothing major happened except that today was one of the most beautiful days i have ever seen in my life. Not too cold not too sunny, just perfect. Vanilla Blue skies, bright sunshine, no heat, a slight breeze. I just stood there not caring about the time or anything else. And my mind became lighter by a thousand pounds. I felt like i was floating. All in a day's work...:)

It has been a week since I added Adsense to my blog. An ad here and a click there and it sends some money straight to me which in turn goes to charity for kids in India. I thought anyway money is only worth something if you use it for a constructive purpose. Else its just green.

Will be in houston for thanksgiving, a reunion with old roomies, a chance to relive life from the past. Should be fun.

And yes, the heart warming songs from 'Guru' just the final touch needed for the holidays. Dont miss listening to 'Tere Bina' and 'Ey Hairathe' right here on my blog. You would probably have to play with the scroll bar a bit for it to start. But then ure in a peaceful zone.

Happy thanksgiving everyone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy hols to you too :) awesome songs! rahaman ROCKS! thanks for sharing!

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TERE BINA is like "Out of the World". It has a typical Rahman touch to it.

I am sure you would have enjoyed the H-trip.

7:38 PM  

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