Tuesday, November 14, 2006


the election season finally finished and we can all go back to our schedules of drooling over the next one in 2008. Funny it almost looks like the media has made these elections their staple diet, going over and over the same thing every single minute of the day. If only someone made stochastic distribution their staple diet and filled it on screen everyday. Analysis over Poisson?, The Aftermath of the Bayes, Regression 2006. My life could be so much simpler.

Probably the biggest loser in this year's campaign was Senator George Allen of Virginia, ya Mr. Macaca himself. Now we've been through this enough number of times, at water coolers, at coffee breaks, at social gatherings with desis, but something someone really forgot to tell Allen was, which freaking immigrant desi ever goes to an election campaign rally?? ( and that too an opponent's rally!)

The only way ull ever see a desi there is of course if you promised him a free buffet or a Shahrukh Khan poster. or probably if someone wandered into a rally thinking he would finally get some buffet coupons.

No other way boss.

ABCDS, or the politically correct ABdees, well they are of a different breed. Politics mean something to them because they havent been around the 'palm' and the 'lotus' for half their lives.

Imagine losing the Senate because of that? Aint it sad?


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