Wednesday, January 17, 2007

homeward bound...

This thought just struck me while I was browsing a foto-blog on time magazine. I saw a foto of a kid strolling home from school through the newly discovered oil-fields in Azerbaijan. But his thoughts were all somewhere else...happens right?

I mean going back to my school days, I dont recollect me thinking about anything that was happening around me while I was homeward bound. I was usually mired up thinking about who said what and who did what, and my friends and I used to discuss those small insignificant happenings till we could peel the topic to its core.... Its funny how self-involved we all were as kids. Our world was important enough to ignore the real world. So while great revolutions or life-changing experiences were happening all around us, all we could think of were how the teacher mispelled some word or how that girl smiled at you.

only that some of us have grown up and some havent...:) ergo u occaissionaly bump into the completely self-involved colleague who still thinks he is in sure this time ull just smile and move on..."School's out dude..."

I collected some snaps of children walking home from school in different countries...try imagining what each one of those kids was thinkin...surely it had nothing to do with the place they were in....


Japan 1940

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