Thursday, January 18, 2007

racists? who..we indians??...

the whole hungama on the racism issue on the TV show "Big Brother" in the U.K. has been more hillarious than recent family guy episodes i've watched. The news apparently found its way into Time magazine with the title " UK, India Drawn into TV Racism Row"
BBC covered the news on its front page, the less said about Indian news sites the better.

This one statement really cracked me up...

"About 25 people, most of them men, marched down a street in the city of Patna in eastern India on Wednesday chanting, "Down with Big Brother." The protesters, who said they were members of the Shilpa Shetty Fans Association, burned a straw-and-paper figure representing the program's producers in effigy before being dispersed by police."

haahaa....well obviously Bihari men are the benchmarks in relating to racial abuse, and the protest on the streets of Patna by the Shilpa Shetty Fans Association ( didnt know she had one)
well...that surely must have made the producers squirm in their seats.

The Indian Government is again...preparing a report on the show. I dont think the reports gonna see the light of day for at least six years.

What I dont understand is the shallowness of the whole argument. If anyone is racist, its us Indians!! Come on, Goras, Kallus, Makkus, Chinkis., think they exist for fun??
Calling names has been our core business model for centuries. So why do you think anyone actually gets offended when they are called names. I think that also delves deep into Indian hypocricy and double standards.

Reality shows are going to be about intense bickering and abuse, thats a well known fact for anyone who has watched even 2 minutes of any of the Survivors. Even Roadies, the indian model for the real world, has animosity well inscribed into it. God knows what everyone is complaining about.

The easiest way to figure out that the UK needs India more then the other way around, is when everyone from Blair to Brown is actually opining on the issue. Dont they a war to fight somewhere?

If Shilpa Shetty wanted easy fun and a sterile environment, I think she should stick to Bollywood. Even then, she is going to have a tough time staying away from the "Lambu" cat calls.....:) seems....gimme a break.

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Blogger Sami said...

This was one of the most ridiculous episodes in recent times and I at one point even felt ashamed and disgusted with the kind of crappy arguments and reporting that the Indian media was publishing. Its my opinion that the desi society has some sort of inferiority complex. Any non-desi says or does something with which we don't agree they are being racists. You just have to look at the entertainment industry & media about how obsessed we are with white skin or goraapen. No wonder the only place in the world where they sell "Fair and Lovely" creams is in India.

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