Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a tale of two cities....and two ppl...

a sidetrack first....

the commies rule?

this is weird, in fact very very weird. For all the talk in the world about the democracy victory lap and how communism was defeated in 1989, we find ourselves caught in a web of communist spin all over again. Wall street reported the highest drop since 9/11 and was brought to its knees by?...China! The whole issue started with China stocks falling which led to a spin off at Wall Street. As Msnbc reports, China sneezes and the US catches a cold....so does this mean the communists control our money?

Think about it, we've all gone red!

the iyer redneck.

its been a crazy two days, has been bouncy and self defeating for most part till i called my friend up and found that she was exactly in the same boat ( weird that she was as clueless as me for exactly the same reasons.) and so we vented out, about how close u can get to the thing u wanted so bad that it hurts when u dont get it in the end.

Ya, i realize most of us have these moments, but it almost is like spotting the light from a distance, watch it move slowly towards u, u wait till it gets so close to feel the heat and then in one second it breaks into a million tiny little pieces, leaving u shattered and confused, disappointed and exhausted all at the same time.

whats important is how u spin this situation. u can mope around like everything's ended for u or even better move to nebraska or wyoming ( for the ones who wonder where that came in from, i'd recommend comparing it to devil-deep sea, rock and a hard place phrase-ology)

there is no way u can give this a positive spin in just one day. better days will come.

as a factoid, wyoming has more animals than human beings, so if i were ever to move there, id probably have to become one of them rednecks.. the first iyer redneck.

( as a family guy script:
peter: ehehehehehehee....so bryan how would u know if ure an iyer redneck....
bryan: i dont know peter...
peter: well ure an iyer redneck if you drive across town to see a car wreck in ure camry the minute after rahu kalam....)

but i know both of us will sleep well tonite because its about knowing that shit doesnt happen to u alone, it happens to others u know as well.


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