Saturday, February 03, 2007

vein on venus.....

relax...its not me falling in love ( or the act of falling) or even being vain about it. the smart ones, yes they must have noticed the 'e' in vein, which makes them vowel conscious. yes u get the first biskit of the day.

the whole issue of concern here is little green vessels carrying brown blood in my palm, where apparently resides the mount of venus. suddenly its all about veins, blood and more and me being able to see all of it.

hallelujah...this must mean something rite? i mean how many of u can actually see ure veins on ure palms or anywhere else on ure body?

please keep the answers to ureselves that was meant to be rhetorical.

this afternoon i spotted one....and then there were two...and then a whole army of them...almost seemed to be like they were waging '(respect in hindi-2letters)-had' on me.

the nsa and the cia and the fbi are probably monitoring my website now, and dhs must be on its way to my house. do i need to use the ill substitute it for 'Gee, Had I been a different kind of rednick...' ya that looks much better.

(btw im sorry if u dont know hindi. i meant to say 'ji' but in any case learn the freaking language u bollywood-krazy hindi illiterate junkies)

so anyway back to my story. long long time ago there was this cuzin of mine who thought he was good at palmistry. the biggest paradox of the metasciences of palmistry and astrology is that u really need no big talent to prove anything. ( the reason i meant metasciences is because there r many real sciences that need no big talent as well) so this guy went around looking at ppls hands and telling them things that made them happy. maybe it was even true, i dont know. so came up the topic of the mount of venus. sounds almost like an imaginary land like atlantis, but the truth is, we all have the mount ( im not talking to anatomical metaphors here). the big of ure palm near ure thumb, well in some ways is what ure 'loouuvvee' life looks like.


but if the planets have basically landed on ure palm and after several centuries of sectarian strife divided it in their own piece of hand, it ought to mean more than just some lines right?...well thats what he told me.

im a pretty agreeable character, i agree to anything anyone says as long as it doesnt have anything to do with me, physically, mentally and emotionally. its like having ure own 'yes' guy with half a brain. so i listen, and i nod thinkin whether anything he says would be profound enough to change my life.

but he doesnt say anything profound, just that my life would be like any other random chaman from ghatkopar ( i used to live there then) but then the usual addendum, the power to change ure life is only in ure own hands. ( that sounds real corny coming from a palmist)

so today after all these years of searching for the right answers, i stumbled back to the place it all started, my palm. looking at these green lines running like little green interstates, it made me realise ( borrowing a line from zach braff in scrubs), that if the green guys lived on mars and my mount of venus now had the greens, have i finally figured out the effects of the confluence of mars and venus?

( we all know the effects of that, after all women are from venus and men are from mars, supposedly)

ill answer that perhaps on a later day. but at least today, im just feeling green.

what if my mount of venus ends being as barren as the sea of tranquility?

p.s. space is a weird place. there is no traction.


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