Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Way I see it # 320

Every now and then I find the urge to get my opinion out there and this one's the 320th thought I've had today, while having my third cup of coffee, though just my first latte and its already well....3:20 pm?...

My cup says,

"Patience is a virtue, life is a waiting game. Peace must be nurtured, and all the money in the world can buy you nothing. Let me tell you that."

-Corine Bailey Rae.
Songwriter ( supposedly)

Well thats easy for a cup to say.

Now i dont know who reads these so called words of wisdom on the sides of their coffee cups anyway, when half the people dont even care to know much about their coffees or the mochas or whatever they are having.

OK, so my 320th thought has something to do with constant repetitions in life. I mean the 'deja vu' moments when things ppl say around you are EXACTLY the same words you heard from someone else. Like in the months between October and December I had at least 6 people who have NO relation to one another tell me that its impossible being all things to all people.

It used to come up at the randomest of places, where my boss tells me about an argument he had with some executive and then he mentions, "you know its just impossible to be all things to all people." Or a friend who tells me that she had trouble with people she met in school and that its just impossible to be all things to all people, or my sister during her advisory sessions, tells me that i need to take some strong stands and its not a good thing being all things to all people.

Ya, I get it, its really not a good thing.

So when such occurences happen ( ...wink wink) I take it that Paulo Coelho's " Universe" is trying to get that fact into my head, something to do with destiny and some such stuff. Just last week, my roomie mentioned the same thing that my cup tells me today, That its good to play the waiting game.

The way I see it, its just one more game to play.

I never thought id be saying this. But a cup finally got me.


Blogger Shanti said...

Not surprisingly, my coffee cup says...'Gratitude leads to joy that fills the heart with love and peace'...I am sure there is a book out there titled 'Coffee cup wisdom'...

6:48 PM  

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