Sunday, February 18, 2007

the words and the wind....

i was standing by the lights watching the snow pile up near my shoulders. the daylight gave me a chance to view the same place in completely different light, a picture perfect blue sky, the trees with no leaves and me. cars whizzed by, colleagues waving a hi and a bye, but i couldnt see.

there is a lake near my office, now all frozen to look like a ice-skater's delight, i walked past it to the coffee shop to get that chocolate raspberry latte. Well something had to be new if i had to fill this post..:)

it was very very windy that day and i almost felt like being blown away (somewhere deep inside i really wanted that to happen) but as most of my bloated ideals have eventually ended, i found myself solidly stuck to ground...

but then i hear this melody in my head and then everything is fine again. never underestimate the power of music, maybe life's deepest riddles all have their solutions in them...

"barf se...khelte...baadalon ka shauk hai...."


Blogger ZZZ said...

hey there...i just went thru ur blog and it was nice...i came across this sound 'Shauk Haii' from Guru..its simply beautiful and yes the barf wud really remind me of this song..u seem to be having this song with it possible that u could send me?
Take care..n thanks

6:29 PM  

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