Saturday, March 17, 2007

There are voices and there are stories...II

I've been asked to explain the earlier post in plain English, so while I'd love to get into the semantics, I think every one of us has a completely different interpretation on what I had written.

So instead let me focus on an addition to the earlier post:

Ok, so what if life wasnt as cryptic as it sounds but just confusing. You zoom in and zoom out of situations so often that the focus is now weary and the motivation weak, so at times things can seem all too clear, except that you're focussed on the wrong things. It happens to all of us, when we hear stories from different people passing us by and something in their stories hits us deep, that we start feeling weird about what would happen if we were to be in those situations.

But what we miss in those stories is that these are not just stories but real people have actually lived them and have come out on the other side, scarred or otherwise, wiser for themselves. Though its only the ones who keep crawling back into those miserable situations that you end up feeling for, almost like you were watching Salaam Bombay!

Ive often wondered whether people are more prone to commit mistakes if they were placed in exactly the same situations again and again or do they have the ability to recover, recuperate and regain control over the choices that lead them there in the first place. I mean of course people are smarter and have the ability to learn, but some people I think just like the holes they get into, so in all their discomfort they find themselves comfortably numb.

Or is it that they just feel weak and realizing that strength is so far away from them, that they'd rather just enjoy their moments of weakness, because hey, you just live once. Or so they think.

The voices well, change over time, some having regained their composure, and some having lost their sense of judgement completely. But ultimately I think its the human condition of unease and discomfort that makes people act, wisely or otherwise. So while all of us crave for a sense of comfort, it is only the discomfort that makes us act.

Which is why misery is probably the greatest drama of all.


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