Monday, March 12, 2007

there are stories and there are voices...

And then there are stories and there are voices. Each story with different voices and each voice with stories. These stories have many words and when you read each word and close your eyes, each word creates a character. Soon, through your inner eye you see all these different characters each with a story to tell, finally converging in an orgy, not just any orgy, but one of syllables.

It is in this orgy that the syllables shine like monochromatic crystals viewed through a multicolored kaleidoscope, and no matter the distortion always finds its way into exact beautiful patterns. Each one of those crystals is chosen from amongst many grains washed ashore by random waves, the same waves that have been resonating through the ages with the frequency of the cosmic 'aum' and the 'amen'. The sounds from these waves find their way into notes which when heard together fill the mind with peace and the heart with passion and awakens the dreamy eyed demagogue that hides deep within our mortal dermi. a soul awakened by visions of its own voice and story.

this is the human paradox.

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Blogger Sujata said...

'dreamy eyed demagogue'....some people survive on their dreams and cherish them more than anything..but it still becomes a life is not lived in dreams..:)

Liked the way you wrote this post!

8:24 AM  
Blogger the shiva said...

thanks suj!

8:38 AM  

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