Monday, April 16, 2007

bowling for VA tech...

Its been exactly eight years to the same week that the Columbine high school massacre took place...and today another 30 people were gunned down. And even though the reasons maybe unknown, whats obvious is the presence of a gun. And what keeps the gun out there are all the fervent supporters of the second amendment..."The right to bear arms" it seems.

But oddly who thinks of the bill of rights when facing the wrong end of a .38mm?

(And as my friend Rahul suggested, there is no right end of a .38mm, and I have to agree)

So why am I, a dormant desi, so bugged at this incident. Because I have had my own experiences facing a gun, and not for one second can I not imagine what would have happened if he would have pulled the trigger. Believe me its scary.

There will be the protests, the Supreme court will decide whether it wants to debate the gun ownership laws, the media will have its share of scary reports and a field day depending on which side of the aisle they own allegience to, Michael Moore will be out there making a new documentary which will win an Oscar, The NRA will issue releases that it doesnt support the illegal sale of guns, but it is still very necessary to own guns because the founding fathers had mentioned something in the constitution over 200 years ago, John Cusack will come out with another version of a sequel to Grisham's novel " The runaway jury runs again", Dick Cheney will shoot another aide while duck hunting, There will be mass mournings in every major city, People in India during their coffee breaks would opine that the US is not safe when our own horrors just begin in Nithari, There will be annual vigils held for those who died, and soon everyone will choose to forget that the ill in American society lies not with ownership of guns, but the thought that everyone who owns one is responsible enough for it.

Some things dont change.

And yes, noone really cares; or else they would have done something about it a long time ago.


Blogger katie said...

hmmm...a hot button issue yes. my brother has somehow spent seven years as a 'pizza man' with out ever being robbed until last week (at gunpoint). he said that more than anything it made him angry. the perp only got away with 25 dollars, but the nerve that it takes one human to threaten another in such a manner is discusting...
and, myself? I could never imagine firing a weapon at a living thing, and yet having grown up in middle america, the mention of 'gun reform' creates a worried feeling inside (with out a thought).

7:03 PM  

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