Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm no superman..

i was just thinkin i should make a list of things i've always wanted to do and probably will do someday if time doesnt run out...

1. tell ppl who irritate me, that they really do drive me nuts and not just nod along and wish i were somewhere else.

2. find this unending source of music and an infinite sized hard disk and just be left alone with it with some bose surround sound, peace at last.

3. go back to the well outside my school and see if the turtles in it were still alive. If im lucky and turtles do really live to be a hundred, I could at least on paper feed them again...

4. visit the southernmost tips of south america, africa and australia and say to myself, there's no further to go. (just say it, not mean it)

5. get into everyone's head once in a while and see what they were thinking.

6. prove that my 'people model' which include complex relationships between who you meet, when you meet them and the dynamics involved in how you meet them, actually works.

7. to understand that subsistence living is what most ppl aim to fulfill with their lives, and they are the right ones and I am not.

8. to understand that the twenties are really crazy times in everyone's lives and things should slow down in the next decade, which if they dont,could cause mass burn out casualties.

9. just patent some weird ideas for the heck of having them in my head.

10. learn to be happy with no strings attached.

Lets see when I get around to actually covering most things in that list.

You see I cant do this all on my own, I'm no superman.


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